Do you wear a watch?

I wear a watch and it literally has never left my wrist since I got it last year. Being able to know what time it is is pretty indispensible for me. Otherwise I’d be late for work or, almost as bad, overstay my time at work since the clock at the workplace isn’t always in an easy place to view it from where I am.

Who here doesn’t wear a watch, and how do you manage without one?

I don’t. I don’t like to have something around my wrist. I use the clock on wall, or on my computer, or on my cell phone. If no clock is in sight, I may have to ask somebody who is wearing a watch.

I don’t wear one. I tried for a few months last year, but it bugs.

Clocks on the walls, cellphone, clock in car.

I used to wear a watch constantly, as I have zero sense of time. Now, however, I just use my cellphone, since I’ve got that with me at all times. No sense in carrying around redundant tech.

I need to find a way to open my house doors and start my car with my phone. That’d be cool… until my phone breaks.

Wear a watch, but take it off to bathe, sleep, etc.

I’ve had a watch on my wrist almost constantly for the last 30 years. It is set by atomic clock standards every week, wether it needs it or not. Being unpunctual is a sin.

I went through a couple of phases when I didn’t wear a watch. There was always a clock around so I could check the time if I wanted to.

I usually wear a watch now, but I do take it off for bathing and sleeping; and when I get home. I find them useful when I want to know the date (although I have to look for a calender when the date is on my other watch).

Used to wear one constantly, since I was like 12, until I got my 1st cell phone. Haven’t worn one since.

I carry a pocketwatch because I hate wearing wristwatches but must be able to tell the time. It’s sort of a thing with me, I actually get a bit of an anxiety attack if I’m somewhere with no clocks and I don’t have my watch.

I’ve worn a watch every single day since I was 12. I love watches!

And yes, I’ve got a cellphone, too. The watch is more convenient than hauling my phone out of my pocket- and I prefer the analogue display of a wristwatch.

I always wear a wristwatch, day and night. In the last fifty years, the only times I’ve ever been without a watch were times when I was hospitalized and not permitted to wear one.

Since I got a Mickey Mouse watch at age 6.

I have to have a watch and will replace one with a nice one within a day of something happening to the old one. I have a habit of timing some stuff by the minute (I can read for 3 minutes, take a shower in 7 and still be at work on time).

I wear mine when I remember to. Sometimes I forget. And then I’m late.

I feel naked without one. I don’t own a cell phone, but even if I did… it’s easier for me to take a surreptitious glance at your watch when trying to slip away from a party/person than hauling out a cell phone to look at the time. And I’m the kind of person who has a tendency to slip away often. glances at watch Ooh, I gotta get going.

My watch. Of course.

Nope, clocks in the workplace, cellphone, car, as listed above.

Every once in a blue moon I think about a dress watch, I have some vague idea that it’s one of those Things A Lady Should Own. My mother happily passed down a beautiful heirloom piece when I was talking with her about it, and I wound up giving it back. I’m so unaccustomed to wearing one that even when I do it tends to be more of a bracelet, I still look elsewhere to find the time.


I get a few looks for the pocketwatch, but only because I’m female and it’s considered male thing, it seems.

I wear one. Though I don’t usuall need it. Just like I always carry a pocket knife. Might only need it once a week, but if you don’t have it, nothing else will do.

I always wear a watch. I collect vintage Hamiltons, and I also have a vintage “driving watch”. It has a square face that is set at an angle so I can see it when my hands are on the steering wheel. When I got it, I proudly showed it to my husband, who said, “Don’t you have a clock in your car?”. Philistine.

 I sort of have a compulsion when it comes to knowing what time it is.  I wear a watch, I have a clock on my computer, a digital clock on the stereo in my office, and a large wall clock in my office (and, as pointed out by my husband, one in my car).  There are 2 clocks in my bedroom, 3 in my living room, and 3 in my kitchen.  I probably need to be medicated.

When I was ten my dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said, ‘I wanna watch!’

So he let me.