Who prefers carrying a pocketwatch to wearing a wristwatch, and why?

I just wondered, as I recently bought a Colibri. For some reason I’ve always been fascinated by pocketwatches. Until the threepiece suit enjoyed a resurgence in the 1970’s, for all intents and purposes you COULD NOT get a pocketwatch, except perhaps a cheapo windup model. Then around the mid to late 1970’s the three piece suit made a comeback, and you’d actually see guys wearing pocketwatches in their vests. Nowadays they’re pretty much available in any store that sells watches, though you hardly ever see anyone carrying them.

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Elgin owner here. I do have to wind it, but I wouldn’t characterize it as a “cheapo windup model”.

I hate having something on my wrist or fingers when I’m typing or playing the piano. (can’t do rings either).

I carry a pocket watch. It’s nothing special. I don’t think it cost me but $25, and I bought it at Wal-Mart. It’s just a dial and is made by Remington. I prefer to wear it because I wear two bracelets (one on each wrist), and a wristwatch just gets in the way. I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel as though I should tell you that I’m male (maybe becuase the stereotypical male doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry). About the only thing I really wish the pocketwatch had is a date indicator. I also like the way that they look. It seems more formal.

My husband carries the one I gave him as a wedding present. That would be reason enough, I’m sure ;), but he had been wanting one because the wristwatch catches on things. Also, we’re competitive ballroom dancers, and neither of us can wear a wristwatch on the dance floor - tacky, tacky, tacky. I don’t wear one even off the floor, because I don’t like the look of the tan lines. (Not a problem with my current ballgown, but some of the old ones have been sleeveless). I carry an old wristwatch in my purse. I have a necklace one, but the chain irritates my neck and I haven’t gotten around to getting a new one yet.

I don’t wear a wristwatch, as I find thy make my wrists ache (I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the cold of the metal). I carry one of several pocket watches left to me by my grandparents or I leave one of my old wristwatches in my purse. Depends on what I am wearing and the potential for damage to the older watches.

Female here. I attach a watch to my keys. For years I used a pocket watch for this, but in recent years they have started sellign these watches designed to attach to a belt which work perfectly.

I tend to fiddle with wristwatches, and the fiddleing often leads to taking them on and off repeatedly, and that leads to loosing them. While I do lose my keys alot, I alwaysnotice in pretty short order and thus always find them again.

I use a pocketwatch. I think they look classier when you dress up. I also have a grasping problem with my hands, that a wristwatch exasterbates.

Elgin’s a good make as I recall. Is yours an antique or do they still make them?

I didn’t mean that all windups were cheap, but there was a time, early 1970s or so, when the only ones I could ever find for sale, when I was lucky, were those chunky Westcloxes that definitely had a cheap feel to them. They seemed too light and their ticking filled a room.

I carry one. Pretty much because I hate that discoloration and smell that comes form wrist watches. I last wore a wrist watch in 1984. Oh, and I’m male.

I usually don’t carry a watch at all. But when I do it’s a pocketwatch. The first wristwatch I tried on when I was a kid had one of those stretchy metal bands on it and it pulled the hair on my wrist. Ever since I have detested wrist watches even with regualr bands.

So far everybody seems to think pocket watch is the way to go, however, I beg to differ. Pocketwatches are, in my opinion, indoubtably more stylish with any suit and carry with them a sense of maturity and good-sense, but on any other occasion they seem to be an inconvienence. I believe Red from the TV comedy “That 70’s Show” expressed it well in saying who wants to look at your pocket to find out what time it is. The wristwatch is more comfortable, in my opinion, and allows for greater access when one wants to check the time. You just look at your wrist and time is at your fingertips, while the alternative has you digging around in your pocket just for the time. On one more point, I believe pocketwatches often carry more sentimental value, as from father to son down a family line, because they seem to represent a return to a simpler time with more family values.

I keep a wristwatch in my pocket…just to confuse people. “Is he pulling out a pocketwatch? NO!! It’s a wristwatch!! But…it’s in his pocket! What’s going on?! Who am I?!” …okay, so no one’s really said that to me, but I’m sure they’re all thinking it when they ask me for the time.

I can’t stand wearing a watch and it probably stems from the same “who in the hell invented these damn stretchy metal bands that pinch your skin and rip your hairs out” thing posatyvo mentioned. I have no idea why people actually had those…they were evil.

A pocket is convenient and hides the watch so I can tell some people “no sorry, I don’t have a watch” when they ask for the time (if I’m in a bad mood, too tired to comprehend numbers, or they seem like they’re psychotic and want me to glance away from them so they can jump me), heh…

I don’t really need a watch though…other people have them or I can just go to one of those new payphones and lift/drop the receiver and it’ll tell me the time.

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If I carry a watch it’s in my pocket or not at all. Working with high voltages make a person leery of having anything metal on their hands. I also prefer to not have any reminder of the time constantly staring me in the face.

I have an engine turned Elgin and a key wound Thomas Peck from England. For daily use I go with my el cheapo Waltham. If it takes a hit I won’t have to slit my wrists.

I rarely have a watch with me, but when I do it’s a pocket watch–just don’t like the look or feel of a wristwatch, plus you get a weird tan line. I used to have a cheap-o Walmart kind of watch, but the battery eventually wore out and the blasted thing was constructed in such a way that it couldn’t be replaced. ::grumble grumble:: So I went to the local thrift shop and got the head-piece–no band–from an old indiglo watch, wove a hemp twine & beads ‘chain’ for it, put a clip on the other end, and voila, pocket watch. It’s certainly not the least bit stylish, but it’s functional, and I guess it’s kinda cool in a dirty hippy kind of way.

I used to enjoy using a pocket watch and still have a couple.

Unfortunately, all the rest of them have taken terminal rides in the washing machine (as Mrs. Chalupa will attest to, I’m very bad at emptying my pockets before doing the laundry…I’ve sent countless rolls of mints to a watery grave…).

I carry a pocketwatch because I have severe allergies to metals and the parts of a wristwatch that come in contact with my skin give me a horrible, itching rash. I tried coating them in nail polish, but it would wear off of the buckle and the knobs within a day or two and I would be right back where I started. Since I like to know what time it is, a pocketwatch was the only way to go.

I’ve worn a pocketwatch for a couple years now. Previously, i simply didn’t wear a watch at all. I can’t wear a wristwatch or most other jewelry. My sweat is corrosive, and eats into the back of wristwatches, chewing up the innards, and will actually over time weaken the clasp if it has a metal band, or deteriorate the band itself if it’s plastic.
I do wear glasses, and have to coat the frames in clear nail polish. Even with this, i have to buy a new set every two years or so, as by then the arms will have fallen apart, and the nose pieces will be cutting into my face. What accesories i can wear include a necklace made from wax thread, with a stone pendant, and a 14k gold ring.
That being said, pocketwatches are pretty keen in their own right. I wear one with the clasp attached to a belt, and the watch in the watchpocket of my 501s, and the chain hanging down low. :slight_smile:

I had one once, I wore it because it was a gift from my mother and because it was different. I hung out sometimes at a gothic nightclub and it was considered cool to have certain old-fashioned fetishes.

I have lots and lots of watches. I have about 12 wrist watches and 4 pocket watches. I have one of the clip on watches and one wrist watch that, with an improvised band, is now a pocket watch.

I always wore a wrist watch (always Timex), since I could tell time. It had to be a buckle type band, too. The metal ones would eat my arm.

Then I started grooming dogs and working in a kennel. Always having my hands in… O.K. we’ll say “water”, wasn’t good for even my trusty Timex. So I started keeping it in my pocket. This became my “hybrid” watch. I had to tie a string to it to pull it out of my pocket without sticking my “wet” hand in. When the buckle broke I had a “D” ring sewn on the nylon band and it passed for a pocket watch.

My Mickey Mouse pocket watch really got me started with “regular” P.W.'s. A clam shell watch with a real chain. When you pop it open- there’s Mickey Mouse. A little dorky, but in a cool way.

The watch I wear day-to-day just depends on my mood and which watch has a working battery. I need wind-up (mechanical) watches. Does any one still make these? (Under $100?)

Oh, another watch quirk of mine- they have to be analog. I hate digital watches. I don’t care how many functions you can jam into a digital, my watch should have hands. And a “3”. I hate it when they cut out the “3” for the day/date window.

My Dad thinks I’m nuts. He has one watch. He always wears that watch. When it breaks (hardly ever) he buys another one JUST LIKE IT. But he also gives me watches for Christmas.

It seems like there are more of us around than I thought.