What is a good brand of wristwatch?

I want to get my husband a watch for Christmas. He’s had a Seiko and been happy with it, but I haven’t found one that I like the looks of yet. What other brands are highly thought of?

And, aren’t you glad I’m not asking what the heck I should get him, like I usually do? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Budget is everything here! Give us a spending limit!

Citizen (Japanese) makes some nice watches (Eco Drive) that are in the price range of Seikos (1500-400).

Going Swiss: Tag Heur makes some very nice watches, and you are now getting to 800-plus dollars… then you have Omega higher in price(22000) and Movado (1200)… then your low-end Rolexes (and you are at 3gs now)

A good grouping can be found here:


:smack: Very true, and money is definitely an object. Less than $500?

When looking at Seikos, have you been looking just in stores, or online to see the full range of styles?

I’ve been wearing Seikos since 1985. My original one was misplaced in 1995, so I bought a replacement… then found the original. All in all, I got something like 12-13 years use out of the older one. The newer one is going strong (though the battery just died… haven’t had a chance to replace that).

Anyway - it’s a good product and reasonably priced; both of mine were less than 200 bucks. I remember the original one was such a splurge (I was just a couple of years out of college) that I didn’t want to tell Typo Knig what I’d spent on it (I did, and he couldn’t have cared less) - but with all the years of wear I got out of it, it was a very economical purchase.

My wife bought me a Tissot PRS200 last Christmas and I’ve been very happy with it. It should be within your price rannge.


Movado? For your price range, they are a very nice brand and have several styles (dress, casual, sport) in your range:


I buy the majority of my watches on ShopNBC. They have a huge selection of good watches in all price ranges. You also get a 5 year warranty when you buy from them. There are also watch outlet stores. I got my Movado at the Movado Outlet in Myrtle Beach. The retail on it was $1400 and I paid just onder $400 for it. I don’t know if there is a store near you or not.

Men’s watches between $200 and $500 They also have interest free flex pays on most things. Since I have no idea what your tastes are, I’ll just pass on the link and let you have at it. Have fun! :slight_smile:

My wife got me this Tissot Le Locle for our anniversary a few years ago. I love it. I can’t recall the price but it was definitely under $250.


You could go to one of your better local jewelers and look for a custom or vintage piece. The guy who repairs our stuff buys Japanese quartz movements and builds very nice looking watches out of them.

He sells his line for well under $500 for most pieces.

I’m partial to Bulovas

The best timekeeper I have is a Victorinox Swiss Army chronometer which my wife bought for me. Those are in your price range. I have found it to be accurate to within a few seconds a month compared to my “atomic” clock.

I have a Movado, which is very stylish but lacks a second hand. Keeps decent time but I see this as a piece of jewlery more than a timepiece.

I have a Seiko watch, and generally Seiko makes very good watches across a wide range of prices. I would, however, avoid the Kinetic, which is what I have. The Kinetic is a self-winding watch with a capacitor to store charge. After two years, the capacitor would not store a charge very long at all. I bought an inductive charger for it, which helped only slightly. I finally sent it to a specialty guy in Bozeman, Montana, who replaced the cap with a lithium-ion battery and it has been great since. Keeps very good time.

Ironically one of the most accurate watches I ever bought was a Mickey Mouse watch I bought at Disney World, but it only lasted a couple of years.

I could afford to buy any of the watches mentioned, but I don’t. I simply do not see the point unless you are trying to show off or impress people. When I need a watch I go to K-Mart and for $10 or so I buy a watch that looks fine and keeps perfect time for a year or so. Then I buy a new one.

For the sake of my sanity, tell me that there’s at least one too many digits in that number.

For the record, I wear a Timex Ironman T56371. It’s the watch from Stranger than Fiction. About $125, IIRC.

I’m very happy with a Fossil and an Invicta. They both have some very attractive models. You can get Fossil watches around $100, while Invictas are around $300-$500.

Hey, your choice. But here’s the thing - people generally aren’t impressed by a midrange watch, and most of us aren’t trying to show these things off. A watch may look good, but it is there for a purpose.

Of course, nothing says the watch can’t look nice while doing its job. And nothing says the watch can’t have a band made of proper natural materials or neutral jewelry grade metals. $10 watches tend to have bands made of plastic or pot metal - these are not durable, eventually snag clothing and skin, and can cause horrendous allergic reactions in many people.

And the issue too is that even a modest investment in a timepiece pays off quickly - in a decade of ownership you’ll burn through $150 in watches. For roughly that cost you could have a watch durable enough to last a decade but that wouldn’t be an embarrassment on your wrist.

I’m not against bargain watches - I’m currently wearing a $50 hunk of stainless. But that watch actually has a 31-jewel automatic movement and is waterproof to an astonishing 200 meters. I wear it when playing with my kids and it takes an amazing amount of abuse. The only thing I have had to do to it so far is repair a band link.

Hate to break it to you, there are a whole bunch of “fine” watches in the $20,000 and up range.

I don’t doubt that. What shocked me is the casual way Philster dropped that price-of-a-not-bad-car into the middle of that range of options.

What makes you think Dung Beetle and her husband aren’t trying to show off and impress people? There’s nothing wrong with that, you know. Watches are basically jewelry, particularly now that everyone has a cell phone with a highly accurate clock in it at all times.

I mean, do you tell your wife she might as well just wear a bracelet you made out of paper clips instead of a pretty bracelet?

That said, I don’t personally understand watches. My limited understanding is that a cheap swatch quartz movement is about as accurate as a very expensive quartz movement. Likewise mechanical movements aren’t any more accurate at all but people love them for their charm and a watch with a bunch of complications is very valuable to a fringe of watch lovers. So for average people that leaves the band and case and face, which is certainly important but I don’t really get the price differences. For men, it’s likely to be some sort of stainless steel or leather without jewels.

Could someone explain to me the difference between a $100 men’s watch and an $800 watch?

Indeed, it is an outlier.

I had a Movado: it crapped out
I had a Seiko: it crapped out
I had a Bulova: it crapped out

I have a Timex that keeps perfect time, has a date function and a backlight. It’s been running for three years now without issue.