Resurrection of the watch poll

Just before the dark ages I had started a thread asking people “what’s on your wrist?” Wondering if you wear digital, analog, pocket or nothing at all. I guess you can have a sundial, I know Fred Flintstone had one. Anyway since my old thread was lost, I thought I’d start it up again.

I wear an analog watch from the Looney Tunes fossil collection. And indiglo one with Sylvester on the face and Tweety in his stomach (bwahahahaha!)


I wear a way-too-pricey-for-a-college-kid analog titanium Seiko with a black face. It was given to me by my parents as a graduation present last year.

I don’t wear a watch, ever.

I normally wear a stainless steel Rolex GMT Master II with a black face and a black/red bezel on a Jubilee bracelet. I’m getting tired of the Jubilee though, and I’m thinking of changing back to the Oysterlock bracelet.

Sometimes I’ll wear a c.1961 Rolex Submariner on a “James Bond” NATO band (like he wore in Goldfinger) or a c.late-1970s Subariner on an Oyster Fliplock bracelet.

And other times I’ll wear my very first watch, a Timex self-winder that I got when I was 10, or a stem-wind military issue Stocker & Yale.

I used to wear dad’s 1974 Seiko Bellmatic, but since he died I’ve had it serviced by Seiko and have retired it. I don’t seem to wear my c.1986 Sekio Sports 100 Chronograph any more. It’s a great watch, but I don’t like watches that need batteries.

I wore dad’s c.1950s Vulcain Cricket (loud alarm!) a few times after I had it overhauled, but it too is retired. Interesting story about that one. We lived in Japan when I was three and four, in a house whose wiring wasn’t exactly up to code. My sister tells me that dad was standing on a chair fixing some wiring. Just as he finished, and while he still had his hands in the hole in the ceiling, the Cricket’s alarm went off. “BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!”* He thought he was being electrocuted and fell off of the chair. Mom was screaming, dad was flailing, and my sister was watching.

*[sub]In case you didn’t know, mechanical alarm watches had a little “hammer” inside that vibrated loudly against the watch case. The Cricket had a dome on the back of the watch to make it louder.[/sub]

I have a binary watch available at

I have the black model.

Also, I have the Casio Thermometer/Barometer/Altimeter with graphing function watch, that also tells time (funny enough).

Both are digital, and are novelty items.


[Homer]Mmmmm… watches… [/Homer]

I have a thing for watches. Dunno why.

I’m currently wearing a Concord tank-style watch, but I have a fair variety of watches. Only one of mine is digital though (a Casio I bought in Tokyo).

I wear a gold Tissot pocket watch, I don’t like having my wrist strangled. I hope pocket watches come back into style. I think they add character and style.

I’ve only got one watch, a stainless steel Tag Heuer my mom gave me as a graduation present from grad school. Don’t know the exact model, but it’s a damn nice watch.

An analog timex indiglo.

Depends on what I am wearing. I wear a Swiss Army watch with casual stuff… it’s an analog watch with a stainless steel surrounding bezel. Very simple, nice watch.

I wear (and am wearing now) a Bulova Marine Star watch with anything business-like or dressy. My sister got it for me for Christmas.

I wear a cheap-o digital watch when I’m in the field or working out.

I’ve got a Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay. I’ve had since I finished uni a couple of years ago, except the face is a little bit scratched from some big nights on the piss. Does anyone know what it will cost to fix that up?


I’ve got a simple little Reebok Sport Watch. Stainless steel, nothing fancy about it. Actually, it’s the only watch I’ve been able to keep for more than a year withough it breaking on me!

(I remember tis one watch whose watchband had broken. I lost the pin, and my mom brought it to a watch repair place (I don’t know why, it would have been easier to replace it myself.) Anyways, I get it back and it does it again! Right out of the blue! I put it on and it falls off! Repeat this course of events about three times. Finally I look at my watch and see something the oh so good watch fixers missed. The point where the pin goes into the watch was broken. The pin was always loose. Sheese!)

My watch, and the two before it, is a Casio Databank, fully digital with memory for 150 appointments and phone numbers, plus calculator, stop watch, alarm, world-time, etc. I admit it, I’m a technofreak geek.:cool:

Normally I wear a cheap analog Mervyn’s watch with stone scarabs on it. At work I need something more waterproof – a cheap plastic Mervyn’s digital watch with a sparkly band.

I’m debating whether to bring my Apocalypse Watch into exile with me – a genuine 60’s wide-band watch with a medieval looking leather band (complete with my mother’s test answers written on the inside) and the world’s loudest tick. The main problem with it is that, being older than my parents’ marriage, it is not at all shockproof or waterproof and every time it takes a shock it costs me at least $30 to get it fixed. But it looks so cool …

No watch. Not since high school. I could never find one I couldn’t destroy within a year from daily wear, so I quit wearing them. That stupid geeky tanline on my wrist was irritating anyway (I’m stupid and geeky enough without it).

That’s the same kind as mine, but I bought it for myself about 4 years ago - about 10 years after I got out of college.

Therefore, you’re wearing an old man’s watch.

I wear an analog, Timex indiglo also. Actaully, all my watches are analog. I also have a timex that needs a new band, and a pocketwatch that I haven’t worn in years.

My parents bought me a lovely, expensive Seiko when I finished school and I lost it within a couple of years. Since then, I’ve bought whatever was cheapest at the time but I do prefer analogue watches.

For the last year or so - since the last one fell apart - I’ve not bothered with a watch.

Interesting. Wish I still had the data from my old thread to go with this one. You see I had a theory, that men favored digital watches and that women favored analog watches.

But now I guess it’s 50/50 and I was only seeing things selectively.

No watch here. Haven’t worn one since I got a cell phone which displays the time (about 4 years ago I guess).

But if I got a watch, it’d be analog with a metallic (not gold) strap. I’m a man, if you wanna add that to your data.