Buy this and never worry about money again

It seems so simple, yet…so revolutionary:

The Psychotronic Money Magnet.

With both the Archangel Mikhail and the powers of the Kabbalah working for you, you can’t go wrong!

Skeptics can have their doubts eased by using the Tesla Purple Energy Shield before making this important decision.

But if the professional version at $899.95 is too expensive, you can get the Nano version for just $29.95! Or there’s the Atlantean Power Crystal (from the Shangri-La mine!) which “dissipates harmful cosmic rays coming from outer space” and "increases libido"among other things. Ooh, and a Hyperdimensional Oscillator! For only $89.95!

It’s true! Once you buy it, you’ll never worry about money again!
[sub]You’ll be too busy worrying about the CIA/FSB/SOU/Mossad/IMF/UN/Illuminati/Grey/Klingon/CSIS (take your pick) agents after you to worry about money…[/sub]

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Please get that title correct - it’s
**The Ultra Advanced Psychotronic Money Magnet™ Professional Version 1.0
Personally, I’m waiting for version 2.0. I’ve heard Version 1.0 has a bug whereby some of the money you make will be in Norwegian Krone.

That entire website is sweet.

Incredible! At first I thought this was an ONION gag and kept scrolling down for the punch line. :slight_smile: Then I was astounded to find that they were SERIOUS!
Or am I being wooshed?

Umm… That seems to be an American version. Anybody know if I can order a Canadian version? It would be a nuisance getting all that American money exchanged.

If you invented such a thing as a working money magnet, why would you need to sell them?

I believe the correct version of this is: A fool and his money are some party.

Maybe it’s a commision thing, where a percentage is reflected back to the One True

A fool and his money are ALWAYS welcome!


It’s a total crock, man. I shelled out for one of those. Oh, sure, I came into some big money alright. Some joker paid me with four huge Rai stones. Not an hour later someone offered me ten Ningis if I’d babysit their kid.

If they weren’t selling them, they wouldn’t be working as money magnets, would they?

And I thought my answer was good…