Buyer's Remorse: The Garment Edition

Tell me about your buyer’s remorse regarding clothes.

Was it
[li]Style[/li][li]Fit[/li][li]Color[/li][li]Age-inappropriate[/li][li]Something else?[/li][/ol]

Are you male or female?

What is your age?

The last ones I can remember were color (made my face look really red) and style/age inapproprate (image that I didn’t really “get” on a cheap jacket).

Male, 49 years old.

I always get buyers remorse when I buy inexpensive clothing. When I get it home it is never as cute or as well made as I thought it was before I owned it, and I swear it gets shabby looking during the trip home. I’ve taken a personal vow not to buy cheap clothing anymore except for Tshirts and underwear. Much rather have 2 (possibly second-hand) cashmere sweaters that will look great forever than 10 crappy ones from Target.

Female, 36

For me it’s clothes I buy without trying on. 50% chance I’ll come home, try it on, and discover it doesn’t fit me the way I thought it would. At least they’re always cheap - downside is that underground market stalls don’t take exchanges or refunds.

Mine was a couple of years ago.

I bought a pink empire cut blouse on clearance that did great things for my boobs. The other thing that I didn’t notice in the store, but did when I prepared to wear it for the first time: it made me look about ready to hatch full term triplets. And I don’t really need any help in that department. :stuck_out_tongue:

It went directly into the Goodwill bag without ever wearing it outside of my bedroom.

I bought a gorgeous Jones New York skirt at TJ Maxx and thought I had gotten the bargain of the century…until I wore it to dinner with hubs. He asked me where I had gotten the “Amish skirt” I thought that was a bit unfair,so I looked at myself in a three way mirror and realized he was right.All I needed was a bonnet and some ugly shoes.

I tried on a dress in the store and loved it, loved it, loved it, despite its being a little short. I bought it and got my daughter one too.

I wore it to work, and spent the whole day trying to make sure my ass was completely covered, feeling very much like mutton dressed as lamb.

It’s hanging in my closet and I know I will never wear it again, but it was so pretty I haven’t quite reconciled myself to letting it go. Maybe if I meet someone my size who promises to appreciate it…

I often have this issue with tops; I buy it after trying it on in the store and thinking it looks okay, or I buy what I think is going to be exactly the same as some other shirts I already have at home. I then get home, wear it a few times (or more), wash it a whole bunch of times, and eventually get to the point where I wonder what I was thinking when I purchased it. Lately, it’s been “why the hell is everything so short in the torso/legs?” or “Gosh, EVERYTHING looks low-cut on me!” or “Why is every sweater/cardigan they sell these days tissue thin?” as my major complaints. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I realize I need to just shop in the tall section of any store I enter or learn how to tailor men’s clothing to look more feminine on me.

Dung Beetle: Have you tried wearing leggings with it, or skinny-skinny pants underneath? Depending upon your size/age combination, this may be a good solution to make it wearable again.

nashiitashii, I thought of that, but I think I’m too old to pull it off (I’m 39). The dress was in the junior’s section, has a empire waist…I just should have known better!

Oh dear. If you hadn’t mentioned “junior’s section” and “empire waist”, I would have been asking for more details in the hope that it might be flattering on me. Alas, the junior’s section is the antithesis of “will fit on me” because junior’s sizing generally doesn’t account for ample curves.

Part of what I liked about it was how it seemed to create the illusion of a bosom on me. :slight_smile:

So, anyone else out there want a little gray plaid dress?

When my son was around 6, he was with me when I picked up a leather motorcycle jacket that had a pocket repaired. When the clerk showed me my item, my son said, “Gee, I wish I could have a cool coat like that”.

The clerk smiled and said, “We have them in just your size”.

I wound up buying him a tiny version of an adult item for about the same price I paid for mine. He wore it a few times, lost interest, then outgrew it all in about a month’s time

Buying from a catalog is chancy.

A few years back, I found a bargain on a Land’s End Squall extreme squall jacket. Not a great color, but it would do. When it arrived, it turned out to be robin’s egg blue. Not a color that worked for me. Ah well.

This year I decided to replace some rugby shirts and went for some interesting patterns from a catalog house called Territory Ahead. Fairly expensive shirts, but they turned out to be made very cheaply. Instead of knitted cuffs, they had just turned the sleeves back and hemmed them. I have $10.00 shirts from Old Navy that were constructed better. Should have sent them back, but I dithered too long.

It’s usually low-cut tops for me. I try them on, they’re not bad but a little lower than I am usually comfortable with, then when I wear them out in public, I’m uncomfortable the whole time because of it (I can relate, Dung Beetle).

My other weakness is clothes on drastic sale - $4 for a top! I’m starting to realize that when things are on drastic sale, there’s usually a reason. Unless it fits me like a glove and is truly something that belongs in my closet, it’s going to be $4 down the drain for that shiny blue satin skirt with the ruffles on the back. I have a bunch of clothes that I’m ready to take down to the consignment shop now - a handful of them have never been worn because of this.