Buying a 3DS XL, What game should I buy first.

I only have enough cash for one game. I think I know what the game’s going to be, but I would like to read your opinions first. I can tell you it WONT be New Super Mario Bros. 2. The whole “coin rush” concept is a big turn off for me, and I don’t really like the “New SMB” series. I’m thinking Super Mario Bros. 3D Land or Mario Kart 7. Suggestions and comments welcome.

I haven’t played Mario Kart 7 yet but Super Mario 3d Land is great, if you liked Mario Galaxy I think you’ll really like 3d Land as well.

LOVED Mario Galaxy!

3D land’s pretty good. A buddy just got his 3DS and I twisted his arm to get Mario Kart 7, because I wanted to play him online. It’s a great game, what I mostly play on it presently.

I know CyclopticXander and a few others on here are 3DS online players…maybe we should try for a SDMB party race? :slight_smile:

If online gaming means nothing to you, I’d say Pilotwings Resort. The game’s a bit short, but it looks so gorgeous with the 3D, it’s hands down my favorite.

If you liked Galaxy, you can’t really go wrong with 3D Land. If you happen to be a Final Fantasy or rhythm game fan, take a look at Theatrhythm, which I think just came out today.

Also, if you never had a DS, there’s dozens of great games that you can get cheaply.

Super Mario 3D Land. I love this game so much. It’s like an updated, fresh version of Super Mario 3.

3d Land is lovely!

You can’t go wrong with either choice as they are the best available right now. 3D Land is a little easy at first, but the post game is long and much more challenging. There are also three coins to collect in each level and gold flagpoles and a whole other way to play the levels which is a spoiler, so there’s plenty to do. MarioKart is exactly what you expect it to be, if you love MK then the replayability is practically infinite, and it’s the best online game from Nintendo to date.

Unless for some reason you’ve never played Ocarina of Time, in which case the remake trumps all.

Since you say you love Galaxy I’d lean a little on the side of 3D Land since it was made by the same team and has a lot of the same feel, but it is an entirely new experience which you can’t really say about MarioKart.

I only pull out my old DS for the Professor Layton games. They’re really the only reason I still have it around but what a great reason. You could get two used for less than the price of one new game.

Yes I have a DS… so I already have a good amount of content already.

Yeah, I have OoT, so I’m not going to be purchasing that, unfortunately. I would love to get MK and play with some of you guys… but I can only get one, and SM3DL sounds fun. I’ve spoiled myself with YouTube videos.

Never played Layton games, but I hear they are really fun. Perhaps in time.

Anyone else? Anyone getting an XL?

Ok, I got Mario 3d Land already… waiting to buy the 3DS XL to play it. I get to buy a game at launch, and I’m thinking Kid Icarus Uprising or Mario Kart. This is a tough choice for me. I have all 6 Mario Karts, and would love to play MK with some of you Dopers. But I have a feeling I would get it at some point either way, and I’ve heard great things about KIU, (once you get use to the controls).

Anyone have Kid Icarus Uprising? I hear there are a lot of Nintendo refrences in it. Is it a fun game? Is it hard like the old Kid Icarus?

I’ve heard very good things about it (Though I don’t have a 3DS myself), but I’ve also heard that the controls take some really serious getting used to.

That’s what I heard too… I hope the XL’s bigger screens help the gameplay.

I’m so torn between that and MK7. I would love to play people here… though I’m not the best at the game. I HATE the blue shell. I wish you could just turn it off. I heard you can play with only green shells and banana peels… too bad because I like the other weapons.

I really do suck at MK, so if I do play you guys… don’t laugh at my lack of abilities.

There is actually a community feature where you can make your own rules, I haven’t tried it yet but my understanding is that you could play the game online with others in the community with whichever items you want to enable.

I absolutely adore Kid Icarus and wholeheartedly recommend it, but opinions do seem to vary wildly from love it to hate it.

For those who want to share friend codes.

I recommend Super Mario 3D Land.

But I got NSMB2 on Sunday, I gotta say, it’s a really great game!

These would be my picks:
[li]Super Mario 3D Land[/li][li]Mario Kart 7[/li][li]Kid Icarus: Uprising[/li][li]eShop games! Mutant Muds and Pushmo are excellent![/li][/ol]