Buying a cotton/linen suit online. Experiences, advice?

So, with the warmer weather we’ve been having, I’ve realized that, while my black suit is ok, my navy suits are too heavy. They also don’t fit all that well.

I’m thinking of buying a summer suit, preferably in navy/darkish blue. I’m considering cotton and linen. I’ve heard that cotton suits are shit and that linen suits wrinkle very easily.

Such suits don’t seem common where I live. Has anyone ever ordered suits off internet? Got any recommendations?

I got a couple of decent suits from Megasuits. Paid a good price and it was delivered quickly (1 week). Not the best-quality suits money can buy but a good value if you’re just looking for some serviceable outfits. And they came with a free shirt and tie!

There are some nice cotton/polyester blend suits that are very cheap. But they wrinkle badly. I would stick with a lighter wool. Maybe a khaki or light gray.

Light blue seersucker. Like people wear in New Orleans.

What brand are your heavier suits? How would you say they fit and what type of fit would you want ideally? What’s your body type and what kind of look do you want in general?

I happen to love linen but I would recommend anyone buy either a pair of linen pants or a linen shirt and wear it a few times before buying a linen suit. Once you see how wrinkly it gets, think about whether you’d be comfortable with that in a suit. Like I said, I love wearing linen and I’ve still never owned a linen suit. If you do get one, look for a linen cotton blend.

Cotton suits can sometimes be poorly made but it’s by no means necessary. Look for one that’s only partially lined for coolness and comfort in the sun.