Buying a new Camry! Recommend Upgrades / Accessories

This is the first new car I have purchased (I am 55 years old). What accessories/upgrades would I really like or regret not getting?

Congratulations! I was in my late 40’s before I had a new vehicle. It was a nice feeling.

What model are you getting?

I have a Camry, and the only thing I miss is a CD player. They’re pretty well-equipped, Camrys, all the new cars, actually.

I don’t travel much, but if I did, I’d probably spring for GPS.

Okay. It’s 3 in the afternoon and I still need coffee.

I read the title that you were buying a new Canary and were wondering about upgrades/accessories.

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I thought the title was “Buying a new Canary!”

But a Camry is nice too.

ETA: Annnd obviously I didn’t read **Projammer’s ** post. :smack:

I’m thinking just the basic sedan. I thought about a sound system and gps, but I thought both would be served better by third party suppliers (I’d like to be able to take the gps unit traveling).

I suppose now’s a good time to make a comment about great minds thinking alike. :wink:

I was just thinking that…

I would probably agree with that. Fancy car stereos are usually a huge ripoff coming from the factory and GPS can be as well. The advantage is that you get it integrated and designed for your vehicle. However, the price premium is usually huge over 3rd party solutions and the aftermarket has a much bigger selection. My first new vehicle was a small pickup truck that didn’t have a factory stereo installed. The vehicle cost $8680 all inclusive and the dealership told me happy to install the factory AM/FM radio (no cassette or CD) for $600. No thanks. Even today $600 or less can still get you a pretty kick-ass car stereo and GPS units cost about the same or less for bigger selection.

I have the base model of my Civic and the things I wish I had are cruise control, air conditioning and power windows.

I imagine those are standard on a Camry so I guess you’re all set. :slight_smile:

In dash GPS is so much nicer that the bolt-on models I have seen. If it is like my Lexus (and it should be), you’ll have a nice screen in a good spot that will also serve as your command center for your music system.

Hard to tell you what to get if we don’t what’s important to you, but here’s what I would get if I was buying a Buick…er, Camry.

-XLE trim
-3.5L V6 w/ 6sp auto transmission
-Option package B, which includes things like stability control, traction control, and heated seats
-Carpet/Trunk Mat Set
-Wheel locks
-XM Satellite Radio Kit
-Rear Spoiler

That’s probably about it.

I’ve seen Camrys with spoilers, and I guess I don’t understand the purpose of spoilers. Aren’t they intended for sports cars? Something to help keep you on the road when you’re going 120 mph?

I’ve got heated seats and never use the feature. I rarely park outside in cold weather, though. I use the cooling feature occasionally in the summer but only for a minute or so, 'cause it feels really freaky.