Looking for basic car GPS/Stereo combo

Bought a new used car (2006 Envoy Denali) that had the stock system taken out and (poorly) replaced with a cheap stereo. I want to get an in-dash NAV (with built in GPS receiver) and a stereo but I don’t need the system to do everything for me. Give me radio and an AUX cable and I’ll be happy. USB may be nice except my experience with Kenwood stereos is that when you plug your phone in to charge it, the stereo automatically switches the SRC to USB. I hate, loathe and despise that feature.

Most of the systems seem to have every feature and of course you pay for that. I don’t need Pandora/Sirius (although Android Car looks nice to access Spotify from the dash and not my phone) so can I find what I want for under … let’s say $400?

No answer, but a related question. I’d like a nice GPS to replace the stock equipment, which is radio only. I don’t want a radio. I haven’t even tried it, a year and a half into owning the car. I think these are called “head units” and the market appears to serve only people who want to upgrade the radio, and perhaps also retain the GPS, but you’re paying primarily for a big fancy radio.

I’d start at www.crutchfield.com and enter your vehicle information, then choose Car Stereo > GPS Navigation. Sort the results low-high price and you get an idea of the brands and features available at various price points.

I have used two Pioneer and one Clarion unit in various cars and they all switch to USB input when a phone is plugged in. Haven’t found a means to disable that so it might be a hard ask.

that’s the down side, the ones with built in navigation are usually the top end (most expensive) ones. there’s usually a licensing cost to the map database, which they have to roll into the sale price.

do you have a phone which supports Android Auto or Apple CarPlay? if so then that could be an alternative for GPS.

if not, this unit might be an option. it fits within your budget but I don’t have experience with them and can’t vouch for its quality.

I would tell you to use your phone for navigation. (easier to sync addresses and maps)