Buying a secondhand Honda CB500

I have found a low-mileage 2001 Honda CB500 for 3300 euros. Is it a good price? Can you recomend other naked motorcycles from Suzuki, Kawasaki or Yamaha?

Got no clue on you local prices. Be kinda high here depending on how old but any used 500 … hmmmmmm kinda high IMO


Check out Cycle Trader Online. They’ve usually got something like 100,000 listings for new and used motorcycles.

Of course, the prices are in US dollars, and I doubt that the prices are comparable to where you are, but it might be a place to start. Maybe there is something similar for where you live.

Someone more knowledgeable about Hondas will correct me, but I don’t think the CB 500 was offered in the US (in recent decades) or was offered under a different name, because when I searched Cycle Trader, I didn’t get any hits for “CB500.” From what I’ve read, the market for sport standards or “naked” bikes is still pretty soft in the US.

I must really not want to work today, because I also just took the time to find a UK CB500 club. At this page of their web site, they say: “Second-hand guide prices: from £900 (1994 unfaired high-miler) to £2750 (2002 low-miler). Faired ‘S’ versions fetch a couple of hundred more.” If I’m working my converter right, those 2,750 pounds work out to about 4,100 Euro.

Soooooo, without knowing where you live, without seeing the bike you’re interested in, and taking the word of some dude in the UK with a web site, I’d say that 3,300 Euro sounds like a good price.

Upon further review, I see that you’re in Greece.

Thanks for the replies. I saw the bike today. It’s in great shape and I will buy it tomorow. The bike is like this, only mine has gold colored rims.

Only problem is that I do not have a motorcycle driving license yet :o

You’ll regret not buying a Hornet 600…

Maybe, but the cheapest second hand Hornet starts at 5000 euros and I am definitely not spending that much :frowning: