Buying eyeglasses online

So, my eyeglass lenses have more scratches than a professional cat bather. I gotta buy new ones.

What are the better places to buy eyeglasses online?

How do I measure interpupillary distance accurately?

What should I know about buying glasses online?

Better places by price or quality?

Get a ruler (millimeters) and look in a mirror.

Frame size-should be on one of the temple arms.

ETA:current Rx.

Avoid SelectSpecs online. I made that mistake and it was a nightmare dealing with them. I ended up with several pairs of glasses, all with issues, and although they like to send you a free pair to make up for their mistakes, if those have issues what’s the point? Each pair was a little different. It was just awful. By the time I got done with them I had to just go get some made locally at the same day place because after literally months of dealing with SelectSpecs my glasses did break and I needed something that worked.

My brother got some from Warby Parker and really liked the experience. Too bad I hadn’t spoken to him earlier.

My brother has purchased glasses through Zenni Optical and has nothing negative to say about it. Other people have told me the same thing.

Zenni Optical. My glasses were $14.95, shipping included. Single vision John Lennon style wire rims, round lenses. They included case, cleaning cloth and a measuring rule for interpupillary distance (for the next time, I presume). They have a truly bewildering assortment of styles, not just the thin rectangular “art director” style that’s the only one available at most opticians. A normal millimeter scale can be used to determine your interpupillary measurement, with the help of a friend, while you look straight ahead. They asked for, but did not require, the actual prescription. They do need the information regarding where, when and who did the prescription though. Their website explains it all. I’ve been very pleased with the glasses and will use them again.

Fifteen fucking dollars?!?!!! I wish I had read this post two weeks ago! I just bought new glasses from Pearle (coincidentally my new kitten **did **got a hold of my old ones) and they were $220! And that was with 50% off! Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to look online, I’ve always known that eyeglass frames were the biggest ripoff ever.

Yeah, $15 frikken bucks. Never fear, you’ll need new ones at some point. The cost breakdown was thus: Frames $9.95, lenses, $free (fairly low strength prescription, with no scratch coating and mid range optical density) shipping and handling $4.95. Mrs. Gap has a more complex prescription and fancier frames, but hers were less than $80.00. Yes, frames are an immense ripoff…Do I feel bad about depriving Oscar De la Who or some designer of their income. Of course I do. Kept me awake one night for oh, 15 seconds or so.

I have used Zenni and and have not had any problems and been very satisfied with the quality and price.

You can measure your own PD with a millimeter ruler and a mirror or by going to an optician or your eye doctor and have them measure it for you. Good luck!

I have have been very happy with Zenni.

I got my last pair at 39Dollarglasses. The frames I wanted were 35 at Zenni and I prefer to buy Stateside when possible.

I bought prescription sunglasses from about a year ago because I wanted actual Ray Bans. But I’ve also got several pairs here that I bought from Zenni.

I’d recommend getting someone else (preferably an optician or ophthalmologist to measure your PD. You’ll also need the temple length, but you should be able to read this from an existing pair of glasses.

Yet another positive review of Zenni. Both my wife and I are wearing Zenni specs, and they are exactly the same quality as any of the expensive places in town.

I have bought several pairs from Zenni and they were fine, delivered promptly, etc but I buy plastic (acrylic?) frames and most of them only lasted a year before discoloring and/or peeling.

Most recently I’ve bought from 39Dollar and these glasses are a huuuuuge improvement in the quality of the frames. Not so flimsy and cheap looking. (The Zenni plastic frames frequently have some tacky decoration on the bows so always check the side view.)

I have my prescription which lists the PD, and I use the numbers stamped on the inside of my other frames to judge the various dimensions to see if the frame will fit properly. I actually have a spreadsheet for this.

There’s also the site that will send you 6 prs to try on… name escapes me at the moment. Their frames are around $100.

I bought a pair of glasses from, and I’ve been happy with them. They cost me $6.99 + about the same in shipping. You put in your prescription and they send them to you.

It was slow, like 10 days from order to delivery. The pair I bought are cheap, but you can upgrade things to get higher quality. The ones I got for 7 bucks won’t last forever, but for the price they can’t be beat.

I’ve use Zenni and like it. The optometrist who writes your prescription should also give you Pupilary Distance. If you have to measure it yourself, they tell you how to do it on the website. Its also a good idea to carefully measure a pair of glasses you like, and compare to dimensions listed on the site.

I have fairly expensive prescriptions (usually running $350) and it runs me $40-$60 for the frames + superultrathin lenses, glare-free, and the fingerprint resistant coating. That’s several upcharges - if you don’t get those features, it can definitely be cheaper.

I, too, buy from Zenni. Glasses from them are inexpensive enough to actually have multiple pairs in different styles.

Yeah, I’ve asked that in the past and she refused. Which means they lost my exam business as well as my glasses business.

Heh. I’m definitely stealing this.

I tried Zenni but was not impressed with the fit and finish quality of the frames. is where I shop for myself and my son. Amazing prices and (selected carefully) high quality frames. Occasionally they have BOGO (Buy one get one) sales when I stock up. There is no quality, or material differences I can see in use between the Eyebuydirect glasses and the ones I paid 200-300 a pair for at a local eyewear store.

The titaniumAgrigento are my favorite frames with theChilliwackclose behind.

You will need a working prescription, and you need to know your “pupillary distance” which is easily measured. The site describes how to do it. Re pupillary distance measuring it’s best to let someone else do it for you as doing it yourself in the mirror is prone to error.

When you sit on your glasses or your kid destroys his in a similar scenario it’s a lot easier to handle at $60 a pop vs $250. I now get a selection of 2-3 pairs every time I shop.

Thanks for sharing that. I’ve been looking for some styles. Those look good at the right price. And glad to hear you had a good experience with them to help me decide.