Buying Wedding Dress A Year or More Before Ceremony: Totally Crazy or Totally Smart?

Ok, so I read that Target started a wedding dress line by Isaac Mizrahi. I was intrigued so I checked out the website. I actually really like one of the dresses and its only $159!

You know how it is with Target clothes, though, they discontinue things really fast, so I have a general policy when at Target, that if I see something I like, I buy it.

We haven’t set a date but the earliest we could get married would probably be next summer. Would it be stupid to buy this dress so far in advance… or more crazy like a fox?

I would do it. You’re just not going to find a deal like that everyday. As long as it’s not totally trendy (and his clothes usually aren’t) and won’t look dated in a year, you’re best off striking while the iron’s hot.

Got a link, by the way? Or do you not want to risk rude posters harshing on your choice of dresses?

Harsh away, baby! :smiley:

Smart. Alterations for wedding dresses take forever, for some reason.

It’s a pretty dress - but it looks very unforgiving. Are you sure you will weigh the same when you get married (or are you willing to eat the cost if you don’t)?

I did think about that. However I tend to gain weight all in the hips (whike keeping a skinny waist/torso) and this dress is actually forgiving in that area. At the moment I am on the high side of my normal weight, so that leaves some wiggle room.

How much is $159 to you? How likely are you to chase “the perfect dress” and end up with six wedding dresses on eBay doing this?

If $159 isn’t a lot of money and you are pretty sure you won’t end up buying several “more perfect” dresses, go for it. Its better than saying "damn, Target discontinued The Perfect Dress at The Perfect Price.

If you’re not likely to change your preferences before your wedding, or miss out on the “adventure” that is wedding dress shopping*, I would say that a dress as classic as that one is a good bet. Have you done any wedding dress shopping for comparison, so you know that this is the style you really want above all others?

*I came home crying more than once. It was one of the worst shopping experiences of my life, and I’m no over-emotional girly-girl type. To top it off, the style of dress I wanted wasn’t available when I was looking, but it was when I was helping my sister look for her dress last year. Sonuvabitch.

I think it is a lovely dress. It has a nice shape.

The biggest issue is weight/size stability. If you are a person who maintains a certain weight and size, it could definitely be totally smart. Alterations do seem to take forever and cost out the wazoo, too.

Yay! I was hoping it was that one - I sneaked a peek at all of them after I posted the first time.

Yes, absolutely, it’s a classic dress that won’t go out of style. It’s very simple, even plain, and if you decide later you want lace and beads and such, it will be very easy to add them on. Heck, even an intricate flamenco-type shawl would be an easy beautiful addition and not look too busy with such a simple backdrop.

Well, I really hate to shop, and I’m not really so picky. I’d like to look pretty in a general sort of way… I think this shape would flatter my figure, it has the kind of straps I’d like… seems like it’d work just fine.

Plus, I could skip dress shopping altogether (O Bliss). If I could escape the clutches of the Wedding-Industrial Complex on this this I would really feel as though I was sticking it to the man. :slight_smile:

It comes in black, too…I might show it to my daughter…she wants a black and silver wedding dress (why yes, she is untraditional…why do you ask?)

As long as you are the kind of person who can maintain your weight for the next year, I say go for it! The detailing on the hem portion shows up better in the veil pictures…have you seen it in person?

I say if you like it and you aren’t going to drive yourself nuts later looking for “the perfect dress”, buy it. Return it if it doesn’t look good on you/doesn’t fit. They only sell this line online so the only real way to see it is to buy it, try it on, and decide.

I found my dress (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my dress) nearly 11 months before the wedding. I haven’t bought it yet, but it’s in no danger of being discontinued, and I want my mom to see me in it before I make the final decision. If my mom had been with me when I found it/tried it on, I would have bought it then. I wish I liked the dresses on the Target site - mine’s probably going to cost about $500, but it’s pretty much exactly what I want (it has lots of color! and I get to choose what color! and I have 46 choices!). If I’d wanted a more traditional white or cream dress, I would totally have gone the Target route and not looked back.

That sounds like reaon enough to go ahead with it right there. The WIC could use a good it-sticking-to.

That’s a beautiful dress!

But try it on before you decide to buy it - by the sounds of things, you’ve only seen it on their website? Then you’ll be able to see how roomy it is, in terms of your body shape changing over the next year.

Worst case scenario is it doesn’t fit in a years time and you use it as a basis to find a similar dress (or take it to a dressmaker to use as a guide). It’s only $159, that’s a bargain for a wedding dress!

I like it, and I’d buy it. I think of this as what are the potential “worst case” outcomes in your two choices.

(1) You don’t buy it. Worst case is that you never find another you like as well.

(2) You buy it. Worst case is you can’t use it (doesn’t fit, your tastes change, etc)

If the first happens, it’s a huge AARGH complete with hours of fruitless shopping and the kicking of yourself in the ass every time you think about how you should have bought that one you really, truly liked. Or you find one similar and it costs $1000. AARGH.

If the latter happens, you’re only out $160.

So buy it.

I didn’t know you knew my Sister in Law!

What Dangerosa said. You may want to buy a higher size than you need, since altering it down is possible but up not so.

I’d buy it. I think it’s an excellent deal for a dress with “good bones”. That is, if you end up deciding on another dress for your wedding, you can always have this one dyed, shortened, and otherwise altered into something more versatile. If you do wear it, you could choose to do this after the wedding anyway. If you’re crafty, you could do some or all of this yourself. If I had this left over in my closet, I’d trim off two feet off the lower edge, sew the fabric into cushion covers, and keep the rest as a kicky flare-skirted cocktail dress. :slight_smile:

Gorgeous dress. I love the simplicity of it (and you can’t beat the price!). I’d buy it slightly bigger than you are, and then have it fitted as you would a dress you were buying at the traditional length of time before the wedding. You’re still going to save a bundle.

I’d buy it but make sure you’ll fit into it when the day comes. I’d buy a bit big and have a handy friend take it in if need be.

Personally, I think women spend too much on their wedding dresses and your dress seems much more reasonably priced. Why spends $1000+ when you just wear it once?