BYU player booted from team for having sex

What a conundrum. We have a Top 5 ranked basketball team with, arguably, the best player in the country. We have a very good chance at winning the National Championship, and from a Mid-Major conference no less! But our biggest achievement? Our boys are all virgins! And then one of them failed us and brought us shame…

What a joke!

I respect BYU for upholding their values, but I hope they realize that they’ll never win a title with a majority non-Mormon roster.

Well, at least he wasn’t drinking tea.

When questioned about his suspension, the player stated, “So worth it. Getting laid really put winning a basketball trophy into perspective.”

I think ESPN should revise their story. It’s borderline pornographic:

Call me when they beat anybody.

Somebody beat him, if you catch my drift.

Eh? Ehhhh? :wink:

I was working on that one for a while. :frowning:

Doesn’t the penalty seem a bit stiff?


Great recruiting tool, too.

Well, this issue certainly seems to have affected the team. They’re getting killed by New Mexico, a bad team, and at home! And historically, BYU always wins at home.

He’s on a breakaway! Only one defender stands between him and the basket. He pump fakes, drives it hard down the baseline, and slam dunk! The crowd goes wild!

How the hell did Jim McMahon last 4 years there?

I’m not saying I agree with their moral code, but at least they’re consistent in enforcing it, unlike the vast majority of NCAA teams, who, when a player breaks the rules, just look the other way, that is if they’re not actively trying to sweep the entire mess under the rug.


You read my mind.

It’s not his fault; the coach told him he should be scoring more at home.

Anyone who doesn’t know that sex is better than basketball will not benefit from a college education.

This is exactly why Shawn Kemp didn’t play college ball.

Well, here’s one example:

And another:

And this:

And of course this:

And now he’ll be forced to go to the NBA, where the players certainly don’t have access to all the groupies they could ever want.