"C" is for Coprophagistic, that's good enough for me.....

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What ever happened the little PSA C.M. did in the 70’s where he eats a bunch of veggies, saying they’re all yummy & shit and then eats a dump truck load of cookies poured over his mouth? That worked for me. Ate my carrots & peas thenceforth. I mean, REALLY! Kids today are fat because they FUCKING WATCH TV ALL DAMN DAY! Not because of one fuzzy little handpuppet that constitutes less than 5 minutes of the boobtube time the fat little buggers watch! Wanna get the kids healthier? Try & make Sesame Street suck MORE (Herculean task, to be sure) so kids will have no choice but to get out and brave the pushers in the playground and get some fucking exercise! This is fucking STOOPID! It’s like saying the chocolate chips in the 18 gallons of chocolate chip mint ice cream you gobble every day is what’s making you feel all bloated.

GODDAMMIT! They fucked with the wrong Muppet for the WRONG reason! Things just ain’t been the same since Jimmy Henson caught that nasty cold. Maybe if he’d have eaten a carrot or something his immune system would have been better and he would have survived and then Sesame Street wouldn’t have been taken over by COMPLETE FUCKING MORONS!!!


Best second part of an OP EVER! I laughed, I cried (well, I chuckled a little).

So, when we were all growing up watching Cookie Monster gobble cookies, how come we weren’t all fat little kids?

My son saw Sesame Street for the first time about two weeks ago and now eats all his cookies Cookie Monster Style.

Their little stunt better not make me have to deal with Cookie Monster eating habits at the dinner table while he’s eating real food.


IIRC, Cookie Monster (who is my all time favorite), would eat ANYTHING you put in front of him-including books, telephones, and on memorable occasion, and entire Christmas tree.

But now he’s not allowed to eat cookies? Dammit! (BTW, please tell me they didn’t make him speak with proper grammar? That would kill me).

For Og’s sake, read the article at least.

"‘Sometimes food’

The furry one also plans to try different kinds of cookies (read: healthier cookies) rather than his just staple, chocolate chip.

But will he still scarf his food? Yes, plus the occasional object, Truglio said.

But isn’t that unhealthy? Her reply: He’s still Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster appears to be happy with the new “sometimes food” song, because at the end he warbles: “Is sometimes now?”

“Yes,” he’s told.

So there it is. Cookie Monster still gobbles cookies, he’s just a healthier version of his old self. His eyes are still googly, his fur is still scruffy and he’s still messy.

Even “Sesame Street” recognizes that we all need guilty pleasures."

A Cookie Monster without cookies is just a monster. Then again, The Blob did have some weight problems.

This from a person who pals around with Arch Duke Baron Von Chocula. Look where the Crunch Berries got you. How many do you command now Admiral?

Agent Badunov peered warily into his kitchen. The carnage was overwhelming: chocolate chips strewn over the floor, batter dripping from the walls, cookie crumbs ground into the placemats. There was no doubt about it. He had fucked with the wrong Muppet.

Be careful. I wouldn’t insult the man who leads the world’s largest and best-equipped diabetic, rotten-toothed navy.

I saw the article, and was all prepared to go anti-PC-postal. Hell, I was even crafting a pit thread as I waited for the page to load.

But as **BoBettie ** points out, you have to actually read the article. Cookie Monster is still Cookie Monster, and will still eat cookies. He will still eat plates. He will still be a sloppy eater. Sometimes, though, he’ll sing a song about eating healthy, once in a while. Nothing wrong with that.

They didn’t turn him into Cauliflower Monster.

Lookie here, Cookie Monster was created as an obsessive compulsive chaotic neutral force who’s will was bent almost entirely on the devourment of cookies. And yes, to a lesser extent large styrofoam letters and common household objects. But NEVER was C.M. a spineless little toadie who would ask permission to eat a “sometimes” food! Could he be held in check by a determined and heavy-handed Bob or Gordon? Sure, but only for so long as their will was the stronger! One slip and C.M. creates a diversion and !BAM! the object of his desire is in his belly, on his fur and scattered in a fine mist for several blocks.

Restricting Cookie in this way is tantamount to banning firearms by starting with the Volvo-mounted .50 cal machine gun…Soon Cookie will be taking elocution lessons, holding the door open for ladies and sucessfully using silverware! These are dark days, I tell ya! They already did away with Roosevelt Franklin because he mirrored too closely the life of a brilliant kid in a broken school system. Now it’s Cookie Monster. Tomorrow Bert & Ernie will be celebrating their 4th Civil Union anniversary…when will the madness end?

My favorite Cookie Monster skit is Monsterpiece Theater with Allistair Cookie.

That was priceless.

After a couple minutes on google trying to find out what Coprophagistic meant, I can now say my vocab is improved a notch.

I’ve been disappointed with Sesame Street’s cowing into parental concerns since they allowed people to see Snuffalupagus. Frankly, I’d always felt that Snuffalupagus was a decent lesson for kids - sometimes even telling the truth wouldn’t be believed. But concerns about imaginary friends killed a great schtick. This is just more of the same.

Fang has to be occasionally told to “eat nicely”, which (after a dirty look) he will do.

After reading the article, it doesn’t look too bad. Cookie Monster will still eat cookies. He will also eat plates, briefcases, letters of the day, and basically anything set in front of him. He is a menace, I tell you. With him, it is eat or be eaten. You must take down the Cookie first!

Anyone notice that the Owl in the picure the OP linked to looks horrifically like a Furby?

Cookie Monster did a “healthy food rap” back in the 80s, IIRC. He was dressed in the trademark black of Run-DMC

It is truly a sign of the Apocalypse.

You do recall correctly. Probably. I am able to trace this song back to a video released in 1996. But this video was the first time I encountered the song. During the eighties I was following neither Sesame Street nor Run-DMC, so I will defer to your first-hand recollections.