"C" is for Coprophagistic, that's good enough for me.....

Yeah, he wears the hat and the thick rope necklace.

Can you tell we watch “Cookie Monster’s greatest hits” a lot in my household?

This is nothing though. Once The Count was rapping with Kid (of Kid and play) and he had that tall hairdo. When he turned around, he had a bat shaved on his head.

Pure Comedy Gold.

I had no idea Sesame Street was so symbolic.
Parents will look to blame any outside influence, as long as the responsibility for their children’s problems doesn’t rest on their shoulders. You do your kids no favors by making life too easy for them.

I agree with the OP, even though, as the article points out, Cookie Monster will still eat cookies. This is just part of the hysterical and insulting anti-fat crusade that’s led to McDonalds being sued for people being fat. It’s the principle of the thing, and I don’t like it.

He does, in a way. That’s Hoots the Owl. His most famous song is probably Put Down the Duckie, a jazzy little number in which he teaches Ernie the important lesson that you cannot hold a rubber duckie and play the saxaphone at the same time. Who says you can’t learn anything from Sesame Street?

As for Cookie Monster- he’s 30-someodd years old and he has no esaphogus. He can eat whatever he wants. He’s known about a balanced diet for years. But he prefers the cookies. Man, does he love the cookies. There’s no fear from me…he’s the same old fuzzy, blue, googly-eyed, omnivorous (but not coprophagistic- yuck!) fella he’s always been. Omnivourous, yes…but me rather have COOKIEEEE! Om nom nom nom nom! Om nom nom…nom…nom…Ah!

You gotta put down the ducky…you gotta put down the ducky…you gotta put down the ducky if you wanna play the saaaaxaphone. Gee thanks, Mobo85, that’s firmly implanted in my head now. My personal favorite is Grover, and especially Super Grover. Has he been cited by the PC police yet?

Lovable furry old Grover could not be arrested by the PC Police for anything, especially due to the fact that he has his own segment on the show called “Global Grover” in which he tells the children of his latest journey to a foreign country and introduces a clip of what life is like there. The man…er, monster is obviously not a racist based on that, so what problem could he have?

Yeah, but he’s an obvious chicken-o-phile…

I reviewed an episode of th enew season with Fang this weekend. Cookie Monster still eats cookies. He also eats the letter of the day. In fact, I was afraid that he might eat Prarie Dawn at one point (not a bad thing).

There is a noticible emphasis on exercising, and playing outside. I don’t think this is a bad thing.

Isn’t that Gonzo, not Grover?


Wow. We’re getting into a whole weird area here.

That’s “Supercoprophagilistic-expialido-cious.”

Sesame Street is turning into PC Street. All of my kids watched Sesame Street with the unadulterated Cookie Monster, none of them are obese. Kids with parents that care don’t get to eat all the junk they want, regardless of what some TV puppet does.

For everyone who has not read the article nor any of the follow-up posts:

Cookie Monster HAS NOT changed. He still eats cookies (among many, many other things)at an unhealthy pace.

Whew. I haven’t seen Grover in so long I thought Elmo finally had him whacked.

The whole sordid tale is here.

Excellent! I’d always suspected tension between Grover & Elmo. I’ve often wondered at how they rarely share skits, and when they do, Grover is totally the butt boy (his pathetic role in the “New Year’s Celebration” video is a perfect example).

Grover and Elmo are obviously twins. They look very similar. After Grover became a success, Elmo painted himself red and started talking in a baby voice to differentiate himself from his older brother. They bought it, and it hasn’t been the same since.

Not even close. Grover’s head is spherical, like a basketball. Elmo’s is oblong like a football.

Obviously part of the plastic surgery Elmo had done after Grover’s success.

And as I said in my last post in this thread, to me, it doesn’t matter. The very thought that went into the change is at least mildly offensive to me.