Ok, I’m a firm believer in copy and pasting (and/or quoting), but is it really necessary for this message board? All of the posts appear on one page, so you can read one right after the next, plus all the quoting is just making the pages bigger, thus increasing the time it takes to read the messages. So, what does everyone think?


I agree it’s not necessary if, as I hope this is an example, a post immediately follows the post it’s replying to. Or, comments on a general topic raised by the first part of the thread. However, if the sixth person in this thread wants to reply to something brought up by the third, then I think it’s still appropriate. However, since bandwidth is more important now than it was before, maybe we should agree to limit our c&p to only the portion we want to reply to.

I’m pretty much in agreement with Ian, here. There is one more reason that C&P may be necessary that I’ve already seen. The thread before this had 19 posts when I read it … and I’m sure there will be much longer threads in the future. With the absense of C&P, scrolling back & forth would get really old really quickly.

IrRev. Batty

Is anyone having this problem with C&P here in this board?

When I paste something from another post here there is all kinds of extra lines within the text that I have to omit or else it would appear all messed up. It’s kind of a pain, I hope this little glitch can be fixed. Does anyone know if it will be fixed or not?

~Shane (Formerly StrTrekNut)

I’ve been experimenting here trying to duplicate your problem, Shane. I notice that if my C&P includes the “header” portion of a message (the part that includes the date and time)I will get a lot of extraneous hyphens. Same thing if I try to “quote a quote.” If I avoid those things I don’t have any problems.

Alright, I am striking a blow for the computer illiterati everywhere!! Gentlefolk, to me!!

I’ve been on this board since the first day (gee, that’s almost a whole week now! :)), and I have come to at least two conclusions: (1) The cutting and pasting system here sucks (to borrow a phrase from my children), and (2) the way the quotes are offset takes up far too much space and makes reading a drag, and (3) Hi Opal.

I have discovered, as I reported elsewhere, that the “old-fangled” cutting and pasting works. That is, highlight the stuff you want to quote, click Control C, go to the reply window and hit Control V. One can then add brackets around the quote and type in the attribution, so as to identify it as a quote.

This is how I intend to conduct my life on this board in the future! (Or until Jeff shows me differently this weekend!) It is simple, and doesn’t leave all that extra space hanging around the quotes, which is particularly annoying when there are multiple quotations in one post.

Don’t thread on me! To arms, to arms! The quotations are coming, the quotations are coming! Control C if by land and Control V if by sea! <g>

-General Melin

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<< This is how I intend to conduct my life on this board in the future! >>

Works for me.

I agree with the OP way back up there… There is less need for C&P here because the posts are all visible, in order, and they stay that way. On the other hand, if you want to respond to something that was four or five posts back, or if you want to respond to a specific thought it a tediously long post, nothin’ beats C&P.