C&W song that namechecks the Beatles?

So I was at Lone Star Steakhouse eating and I hear bits and pieces of a song that sounded like it was namechecking the Beatles. I think the singer was favorably putting Lennon & McCartney in the same league at Waylon, Willie et al.? Maybe? I seem to recall them referencing the Stones too.

Anybody know what I heard?

Could it be Joe Diffie’s “Bigger Than the Beatles?”

Nope. But thanks for the investigations.

Any other takers?

Could it be One Day at a Time by Deana Carter?

Hm. Nope. It was a guy singing. But many thanks for helping!

I googled “country+lyrics+beatles+waylon+willie” and came up with Waylon, Willie, and Me by David Alan Coe.

Could that be it?

Careful for some adware that link wants to install.

Merrrr. No. Thanks for helping. I’m thinking I may have imagined it. But thanks, again, everyone.

brianjedi had the right idea with cowboylyrics.com. Looks like if it exists, it should be there!

I dunno, but what does “namecheck” mean :confused:

Did it have a line like “If we could all sing the way we wanted to, we’d all sing like George Jones”? I’m sure that Waylon Jennings had a song like that back in the eighties, but I can’t find the lyrics through Google.

Basically the same as “namedrop.”

I think it’s “Lukenbach Texas”, possibly a Willy Nelson song.

Nope, that wasn’t it… beats me.

Probably not considered country, more folk (just a guy and his guitar) , but John Prine’s “Jesus, The Missing Years” includes a verse about “He discovered the Beatles/ He recorded with the Stones / And once He even opened up a three-way package / for old George Jones”