C25k (Couch-to-5K) starting week of 9/21--who's in?

Is anyone interested in doing the Couch-to-5K running plan with me, starting next week? I’ve been wanting to try it, but I needed to get a foot problem under control before trying to run again.

It’s a three days a week program, and I’m hoping to run on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


That’s a fantastic program and I used it to kick start my own running. So while I won’t join you in the actual program (I’m at just over 4 miles now and aiming for 5), I will join you in the running. Feel free to keep me accountable if you like–I run M-W-F and am looking to add one more day of running.

Very cool. I haven’t done any structured running since high school track, so I’m eager to get back in it.

I have one question for you or anyone who has done this program. It says:

Does that mean 20 minutes including the warmup or 20 minutes after the warmup?

I think it’s 20 minutes including the warmup. That’s how I’ve been doing it anyways, and I transitioned from Week 1 to Week 2 with almost frightening ease. I had to remind myself to hold back a bit and let my muscles and bones get used to running, even though I felt up to a longer haul.

Right now I’m stuck on week 2, since I had a family emergency and still haven’t got back into routines. I won’t be on the same track as you, jsgoddess, but I’ll gladly go the same days! I could use a little group motivation.

Woo hoo! :slight_smile:

Well I’m a bad person to ask about that since I pretty much never do a warm-up :slight_smile: And I don’t stretch until afterwards because it never made sense to me to stretch cold muscles.

Regardless I think getting out there and doing it is the important thing. What I loved about the program is that it put running in my reach.

The warm-up does not count toward the 20 minute workout time. The best time to stretch is between the warm-up and workout. You get the best stretch when the muscles are warm but not fatigued.

Good luck, all.

I haven’t done any exercise regularly in about a year.
And one of my former exercise buddies wants me to do something big with her next year, so I need to start over again.

I’m in.

Next week.

I’m in. As the t-shirt says, “Underneath here is an athletic body just screaming to get out. I usually shut the bitch up with chocolate…”

I had regained the body, only to put some of the weight back on recently, so it’s time to shut the chocolate up and let the bitch out I guess. I’m going to try to get a friend of mine to join in to help with the motivation factor.

Thanks for starting the thread.

So, next Sunday, right?

I’ll do it! I’ll start tomorrow!

If this program can get me into running, that’s proof that it’s great. I hate running.

Good luck all you Couch-to-5Kers! I am starting a 10-week-long, three-day-a-week, half-marathon training program tomorrow, so I will be with you in spirit (but will only join in if my comments would be welcome).

Also, at the end of October I will complete a two-day workshop to be a Road Runners Club of America certified coach, so if anyone wants any advice I will be happy to oblige. (I can advise now as a long-time runner and former track coach, but I won’t have my official status until October.)


I’m in, but I’m certainly not starting next Sunday! I have a 2-day, 2 team dragon-boat competition that weekend, so I’ll be pretty dead come Sunday night! Barring weather/overall body pain issues, I’m with you on Tuesday, though! I might even try and get out for one run this week, if I manage to get on top of my homework in time!

My cardio and arm muscles have improved dramatically since I started dragon-boating… it’s time to get my legs in on the action :wink:

I’d like to try this but I tried it once before and gave up within the first week because my knees and shins hurt so much. I it not possible if you are a little overweight (20-30 lbs maybe)? Or was I making a mistake by running on the sidewalk even though I see others run there? Should I try running in the park?

I wish you luck–this is a very good program. My wife and I both did this program and were both amazed at how quickly we became runners. We both got to the end, but she stopped and went back to her elliptical machines while I stuck with the running–although I have modified it since I reached the 30 minutes.

I now run a 20 minute run, increasing the incline and speed each minute in a sprint–up to a maximum, then drop down and start over. I find that I can run up an incline now at over a 10 minute mile! Not bad for an almost 49 year old guy. I also mix it up–went today to the local high school and ran for 2 miles on the track there and was happy with the results. Next to try is a real 5k!

So I found the program great. I recall that I was sore the first four or five weeks in my ankles and my calfs/thighs until I became strong enough to run. Make sure you have a good running shoe as bad shoes will do you in.

I would say the five minute warmup is outside the 20 minute workout–that is how I did the program. I would also say that you shouldn’t cut down on the warmup. I did the first few weeks and I was sore because of it. **Meyer6 **I think the pain you felt was just normal, but I would also suggest a good warm up walk and a good stretch.

I won’t be in your program, but I will be running three times a week. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings :slight_smile:

good luck!

Asphalt gives more than concrete does. Running on a park trail or road will be easier on your joints then the sidewalk. Note: If you do run in the street, choose low traffic roads and be very alert!

I’m on week 7 so won’t be starting on 9/21, but I just wanted to recommend Robert Ullrey’s podcasts. They helped me immensely with the intervals, instead of running and looking at my watch, I just had to run untill he told me otherwise. I think they are on itunes, personally I used the mp3 versions here: www.ullreys.com/robert/Podcasts/page6/page6.html

There are podcasts by others as well if you can’t stand the music on ullrey’s.

I’ll play. I was running short distances for a while there then got out of it. Sounds like fun.

I was 96 kg when I started, which is around 45 lbs overweight. I’ve tried this before and my downfall was running on consecutive days and not resting in between.

Good shoes and running in the park ought to help.

Btw. I’m now down to 86 kg, most of the reason is diet, but running keeps me motivated.

I’m in. I’d heard about this program a couple of months ago and thought it sounded like a good idea. Unfortunately I was in the depths of a pretty serious depressive episode and couldn’t get motivated to do anything. Now that that has abated for the time being, I really want to get into an outdoor exercise program to try and prevent a relapse. Also, I have another 10-15lbs to get to my ideal weight, so running would help.

I’m planning on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Hopefully I’ll be able to drag myself out of bed at 6 am.

Can you give me a pointer to your program. I am running a 10km on Sunday, and want a new target. I was planning a 10 mile next, but maybe I’ll push it. And 3 days per week gives me time to work in some cycling for a tri in spring.