CA people: Yosemite help requested

howdy folks.

i’m going to be hitting yosemite around september 15th. i was wondering if anyone who has frequented the park before could make a suggestion on a scenic, away-from-the-crowds, 1-2 night hike. (hike, not climb - i don’t do the technical stuff, though i have great respect for those of you who do)

thanks in advance,

Ellis, I haven’t hiked the park but here are a couple links that might help:

I stayed in Toulomne Meadows when I did go and it was much less crowded than the valley.

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I agree, Toulomne Meadows was always my favorite, though I haven’t been their in years. Frankly it got way to crowded for me. To be fair though, I am the one that prefers the beach in the winter and early spring to avoid as many people as possible.

Enjoy yourself…great hiking there…and, prematurely, Welcome to our beautiful state.

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I’ve lived in this fair state my whole life and have never spent the night in Yosemite. I’ve driven through several times (and it is quite breathtakingly beautiful) but because of the crowds I’ve never stopped for long.

If it’s really crowded (which is pretty likely in Sept.) you might want to enjoy what views there are from the road for a day and then take your camping and hiking gear down south a ways to Sequoia Nat. Park. It doesn’t quite have the geological granduer of Yosemite, but it does have some beautiful trails and the trees look like something from another planet.

If Yosemite isn’t crowded when you visit, then difinitely stay for a while and enjoy it as few people are able to. You may never get another chance.

PS- Aparrently, as of last weekend, there is one less serial killer on the loose in the area.

Coincidence? I’m flying out Thursday to spend a couple of days hiking around Yosemite. I’ll be getting there Friday (July 30). Yes, I know it will be crowded. From what I can tell, Toulomne Meadows is a lot less crowded than Yosemite Valley (though I really want to do the Half Dome trail.

I’ll let you know what I find…

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Oh yes, thanks for the links BunnyGirl. I’ll throw out a few more:

and the official site

“You can’t run away forever; but there’s nothing wrong with getting a good head start.” — Jim Steinman

Dennis Matheson —
Hike, Dive, Ski, Climb —

thanks for the links BunnyGirl.

tanstaafl - i’m counting on your finding a perfect hike around half dome that’s uncrowded, and cluing me in on it. some friends of mine who went up early spring got some kind of back country passes that let them go deeper into the park to get away from people. i’m going to look into myself, and you might want to, as well. enjoy yourself.