Cabin Fever

Slowly the walls are closing in on me. These white… well not so white kind of dirty actually… walls. On TV is yet another Buffy rerun. That’s I can seem to find… Buffy and Star Trek reruns.

It’s only been one night since I’ve worked, I have school to break the monotony. But my life revolves around school, work and home. I need variety! I go for walks which helps some. But it’s cold. What I really want to do is hit the bar for the first time in… 3 months. Go to karaoke… sing at the top of my lungs drunkenly in front of a bunch of other drunken fools.

Though I could do that at home, only without the other drunken fools, it’s not the same.

I read all the books I got from the library 2 days ago. I don’t want to read the few books I have handy from my personal collection as I have read those half a dozen times.

My eyes hurt from staring too long at the computer screen and I’ve cleaned the kitchen. The only real change in my surroundings is it’s cleaner and the sky is darker.

I really wanna go to Karaoke.

At our state fair one year, the Karaoke set up was very interesting. In the bar/karaoke area place, it was all set up normal. But, once it got full and lots of people had signed up for a turn, the spakers outside the bar were playing only the live mike feed. No music or background vocals! Just horrid, drunken warbles. It was great!

lol… That sounds great.

watches the dancing rats from Muppet Treasure Island

Listening to karaoke makes me want to open a vein.

~drinks a few beers then sings Stairway To Heaven to Rysdad~