Cable TV options like youtube TV or hulu TV

Are there other options in the $30-40 range that offer cable TV and antenna TV channels?

Channels are mostly the same but Hulu has history channel and viceland. But youtube TV has SYFY and IFC.

Youtube has a DVR, I’m not sure if hulu TV does.

Any other options?


New TVs these days come with alternate providers, such as Roku or Chromecast, built-in. Both services start at around thirty bucks.

I think the best way to consider your options is to identify which channels (or individual programs) you want to watch and then see which streaming services make them available.

I already have a roku though. I am more interested in ways to get cable TV channels via a streaming service rather than going through a company like AT&T or dish network.

This is true. However I’m not sure what my preferred TV channels would be.

MSNBC, CNN, comedy central, history channel, natgeo, FXX, IFC, etc. would probably be highly rated. But I’ll have to do more research.

Thanks. I thought sling was a device to watch TV remotely, I didn’t know they had their own service for cable TV now.

Roku is a streaming service.

Actually, one option that might work for you is a streaming service from DirecTV, called DirecTV Now, owned by AT&T.

He’s talking about skinny cable bundles, of which Roku is not one.

I’ve heard HuluTV, PlayStation Vue (for which you don’t need a PlayStation for), and YouTubeTV are the best TV streaming services.

More what I’m asking is how can I get 30-50 cable channels for $30-40 a month.

Roku has apps for those channels, but you can’t get the shows unless you already subscribe to a cable service (for the most part).