What's the cheapest way to get network television on-demand without cable?

And I mean one that has practically everything on the network. I have hulu, which is lacking, and I’m considering Hulu live if that fills in the gaps.

But I wouldn’t mind getting rid of hulu altogether if there’s something better out there. Preferably one that works with a chromecast.

Check out YouTube TV. Certainly should work with Chromecast since both are Google products.

By network television, do you mean one of the big four broadcast networks? If that’s the case, have you tried just watching it via an antenna?

I tried an antenna, a while back. It was alright but I’d prefer just to stick with with the internet, and do on-demand without having to use a DVR.

There are several comparison charts:

Thanks. Tough choice between DirectTV Now and Youtube TV. I like that you can get anything from 72 hours back from DirectTV, and it has all the channels I’d care about, and the option to get HBO (for extra). Then again, YouTube TV includes YouTube red, which gives you on demand music and some original content and works on 5 google accounts and a lot more DVR time. Hmmm. They both have 7 day trials so I guess I’ll try them both out.

What’s the down side to an antenna?

We’ve used a Leaf for years – worked so well, we’re doing no cable or internet (other than very occasional Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime). Just switched to a powered ClearStream ECLIPSE for better reception.

If you’ve had a DVR and/or done streaming for a while, watching TV only in real time is practically a shock to the system.

So you need an antenna plus a DVR (which often entails a fee for a program guide) or go the streaming option.

Even the antenna plus DVR isn’t enough for some people. What if they forget to record a show? How do they watch it legally?