Cafe Society

This isn’t a pitting, it’s just an observation put in the pit, because I think it is the correct place to put it according to the categories.

Cafe Society is pretty… low brow? Isn’t it? I just think it’s a bit disappointing. I’m not being dispariging, just critical here.


Not that I don’t agree with you (ok, so I don’t agree with you, but that isn’t the point.) Why do you think this?

What, no beer under your bridge this Friday night? Surely you stock some in your twee little shop.

Here are all the topics in it at the moment, sorted into high and low brow:

High brow:
Well-known or well-respected art you would never hang on your walls
Horace (Horatius)

Low brow:
The Simpsons Movie review thread (Spoilers)
Emotional songs
The Simpsons Movie (the bad edit)
I miss House!
What’s Your Signature Dish? ( 1 2 )
Anyone seen Hairspray?
Nimoy to play Spock in new Star Trek film
Truly funny foreign comedies?
Oooh! Steampunk Stuff! ( 1 2 )
Ninja Warrior/Japanese Language Question
Geico Cavemen = Black Peps?
Huh? Are we supposed to be wearing high-tops again?
What makes a curry/kebab compelling eating after a night out?
Songs they’d NEVER let contestants perform on American Idol ( 1 2 3 )
Watchmen Casting News
Fun to read non-fiction books
Jeff Corwin’s Alaska series…factual errors
Bands you can’t believe are still performing
MLB: How’s your team doing? How about vs. what you expected? ( 1 2 )
Harry Potter #7: (SPOILERS APLENTY): Now that you’ve read it… ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 … Medieval: Total War 2 Cooperative Campaign…The Revenge ( 1 2 )
Scariest moments in funny series
Crappy books turned into decent movies ( 1 2 )
Who wants to be a Superhero Season 2 TONIGHT
Horace (Horatius)
Steroids in different sports. . .
American Supermarkets
Movie to Play to Movie
How can I watch “The Star Wars Holiday Special?”
How great they are, these British films
So You Think You Can Dance 7/25-26
What songs have three or more “Superstars” singing in them?
Are there epic foreign movies?
What Makes A Movie An “Epic”?
Pirate Master: The rest of season one ( 1 2 3 )
Finish the Hardboiled Detective story: “A Beautiful Corpse”
Kevin James illusion on America’s Got Talent
Free Original Music for your project
Hell’s Kitchen 7/23/07
yankees in playoffs
$50 to the Potter Predictions winner
Keeping balls hit into the stands at sports events.
Schilling’s latest comments on Bonds & Big Mac.
Universe on The History Channel
Need downloadable games for MIL
Manga for Adults
Fantasy for people who don’t like Fantasy ( 1 2 )
Phantom Dennis

VERY low brow

Why did the risotto taste and smell like vagina? ( 1 2 )

You might feel that this unrepresentative, but I disagree.

Well, Jodi’s wine threads are pretty cultured, n’est pas?

Speaking of which, Jodi, is it time for week 14 yet?

“Horace (Horatius)” is both high and low brow, then?


I’m getting very irritated by people suggesting that I’m a troll, especially since I’ve been trying to modify my behaviour as suggested, subscribing to threads, starting and participating in plenty of things I’m not interested in that much, toning down my language, etc. I even made the effort to post here with a damaged keyboard (after being away for a couple of days and told off for that!) and some people disbelieve me for reasons only known to themselves.

You are the trolls, not me.

Interesting division you’ve got there.

First, could you please explain why these are “low brow”?
What’s Your Signature Dish?
Truly funny foreign comedies?
What makes a curry/kebab compelling eating after a night out?
Fun to read non-fiction books
Jeff Corwin’s Alaska series…factual errors
Horace (Horatius) (I’m assuming this is a mistake)
How great they are, these British films
Are there epic foreign movies?
What Makes A Movie An “Epic”?
Free Original Music for your project
Universe on The History Channel

Second, could you go fuck your snobby little self?

Jesus, I hope so after the day I’ve had. People pissing me off right and left.

I’ll check. Grumpily.

Feel free to link to the high brow discussions you have initiated in Cafe Society, and I’d be pleased to critique them for you.

Like I said, I was only making an observation, an expression of surprise you might say.

Yeah. Why doesn’t the OP start a thread about Proust or something.

If I did that then I really would be searching for a load of lost time :wink:

What’s wrong with temps perdu?

This thread didn’t originate in Cafe Society, so pit the mod that moved it or pit the original forum it was posted in.

Sorry, sweetie-darling, but I think anyone who’s been on the Boards for more than six months (or ever been to Britian) knows you’re 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound Sainsbury bag.

I will promise I won’t harrass you about your trollishness, since that would be tiresome and I can’t prove it, but my opinion stands.

On the upside, I found a really lovely pic of you and your mates. Enjoy!

Come now, no one actually likes Proust.

To the OP, have you read all the threads you classify as low brow, and what deffinition of low brow are you working off of?

Beyond that, the purpose of Cafe Society is to house ALL discussion on any topic related to the arts. So you get a mixed bag. Hang out long enough and you will see a wide range of topics in there, including discussions on Shakespeare and Tchaikovsky.

(Points if you know why I picked Shakepeare and Tchaikovsky)

But Proust is so passe. I’ve even heard his name mentioned on *television * several times for gods sake. Hell, they even have those Proustian cookies at Starbucks, and I know I’ve seen madelines in the supermarket from time to time. Talk about low-brow. No, Proust wont do; Leroi-Gourhan maybe?

I don’t think it’s lowbrow, but it does gear more towards the popular. I live in a metropolitan area, and I try to see lots of small, arthouse films which a lot of people on the boards haven’t seen (or even heard of ) and never even have access to until the DVD comes out. Some of the best films I saw this year (Away From Her, Paprika, The Lookout, Amazing Grace, Paris Je T’aime, Once) either never had threads or had ones that died quick deaths. I don’t think this is a reflection on taste so much as level of interest and awareness–most of these films have limited runs, minimal publicity, and very marginal word-of-mouth, so it’s understandable why not a whole lot of people participate.

Conversely, for TV, there are some extremely popular shows (based on the Nielsen ratings) that almost never see threads either: 2 1/2 Men, NCIS, and any of the CSIs. These are tremendously popular shows that don’t see nearly the same level of interest on the SDMB as smaller, more interesting cable shows.

I’d also dispute your characterization of some of the threads as “lowbrow”. Essentially, you’re suggesting that any movie thread is lowbrow, despite it being the most important artistic medium of the 20th century.* Presumably, you would only consider something like painting or opera or Shakespeare “highbrow”, which reeks of the worst kind of prejudicial snobbery–not only because Will S. could be incredibly lowbrow when he wanted to, but also because films as varied as Lawrence of Arabia and Playtime and Blade Runner (3 films mentioned in 3 different threads you cite) have genuine artistic value and sophistication despite representing an artform that, for decades, was looked down upon as completely devoid of merit.

However, reviewing the thread now, what seemed like an ignorant/lazy OP does actually look more like someone who’s picking for a fight through blithe name-calling and prickly defensiveness–an awfully “lowbrow” approach for someone who is trying to pretend to be above such things. :rolleyes:
*Obviously debatable, but I’d certainly assert it

Fuck off