Caffeine and stress

Do you think a person’s body would adapt to just drinking coffee (caffeinated) on week-ends and not during the week? In other words, for five days, be virtually caffeine-free (because of some job stress), then two days (over the week-end) have perhaps two cups of caffeinated coffee each week-end day? I suppose it would be similar to the way some folks only drink alcohol on week-ends, and not during the week. Any opinions, or advice if you’ve ever cut back on coffee, etc.

Expect withdrawal symptoms

I don’t know your age. I’ve gone through caffeine withdrawal and overdose. (No-Doz, you aren’t a friend.)

I’m more of a dietcokehead. And I’ve learned that you don’t do things with caffeine if you like to sleep. When I say “dietcokehead” I’m really not kidding.

I would go thru about three two liters a day. No exaggeration. I remember getting to work and getting a frosty cold can of diet coke, and it seriously was a hit of caffeine that I needed.

I’m really careful with caffeine. Once you wean yourself off, it will keep you up.

It depends entirely on the biochemistry of the individual person in question.

Caffeine doesn’t affect me much. Never has. It’ll make me pee, for sure, but it doesn’t wake me up, or keep me awake. On an average day, I’ll drink 2-3 16oz mugs of coffee, but if I go without coffee for a few days I don’t experience headaches or any other withdrawal symptoms. In fact I recently ran out of coffee and had to make do without for four days, and other than missing it a little I felt fine. I enjoy the taste and it’s a comfort food for me, but I don’t drink it for wake-up / energy effects, because it affects me so little.

Once in college I managed to give myself a real, major caffeine buzz, but this only happened after an all-nighter of Jolt cola, espresso, and Turbo Truffles. It took several hours of that before I got there – we probably started around 8 or 9pm and the buzz hit around 4 or 5am. The sugar probably helped.

(On the other hand, I’m a total lightweight when it comes to alcohol, and prescription meds often affect me in weird or extra-intense ways. For example, when my doc prescribed Vicodin, the first dose got me high, and the second made me nauseous without a high. We ended up switching to Tylenol with codeine instead.)

So, if you’re like me, you’d have no issues only drinking coffee on weekends, other than maybe missing the flavor or the morning ritual. Then again, since I don’t get caffeine jitters or withdrawal, I have no real incentive to give it up, either.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, that’ll be a different story.