Calgary weather in mid-July. How to dress?

My parents are going on a 5 day trip to Calgary and Banff in mid-July. It’s part of a corporate trip so there will be sight-seeing and day-trips to the mountains for very light hiking and what not.

It’s a completely casual event so they won’t ever be wearing formal attire but Dad is concerned about what to pack since they don’t want to overpack.

How should they prepare for the weather?

You have no idea how difficult that question is to answer. heh.

So - It could be really hot - 30+. It could also piss rain and be sort of shitty about +10-+15. It could also snow and be kind of cold - +2.

So - they’ll need to bring shorts, long pants, a sweater and a coat of some sort. An umbrella is probably a good idea.

Sorry for the lame-o answer, but that’s what the weather in these parts tends to be like.

That’s actually very helpful! Know they’ll know to plan for just about anything!

Thank you!!

Just seconding what alice said - we could have all of those temperatures in one day, no less.

So overall, with the exception of a rainy day, is it generally a dry climate or more humid?

I used to have a friend that lived in Prince George, B.C. and she said it (B.C) was very dry. When she moved to Ontario she hated it becaues Ontario was much too humid for her taste. My mom hates humidity too. She can tolerate cooler weather if it’s not damp. So, I’m thinking a pair of khakis, jeans, shorts, some short sleaves, a long sleaves, a jacket and a rain jacket. Sound appropriate?

Um, we are going to ignore the fact that I spelled “sleeves” wrong right? Good.


We most certainly are :slight_smile:

Calgary is definitely a dry climate. (I went to univsersity in Nova Scotia and the first week there every time would drive me nuts because I was convinced I was damp at all times.)

And the clothing list sounds very appropriate - that should cover anything they are likely to run into.

Thanks all! I will pass this along to her!