Calibre iTunes problem

So my friend has Calibre 8.62 & she needs to know how to get her books from there onto her iTunes. She was able to drag & drop but it’s not working in this case. She is trying to update the Calibre so I can help her step by step but it’s not working for her.

Has she tried “add to library” from the iTunes file menu?

You could try here;

There’s probably other Calibre/iTunes threads on that site as well and I know that the Calibre developers hang out there if you need to ask them.

I don’t think books can be moved from the Calbre program directly to iTunes. The way I have been doing this is from the Calibre Library file on my hard drive.

In Snow Leopard:

Open iTunes, and select the Book option in the library file. This opens your iBook file.

In finder, open the Calibre Library file. This will have a file for each of the authors in your meta data in Calibre. Open an author file. You will find a file for each book by that author. Drag and drop these files into the Book section on iTunes.

She now has the book in her iTunes, but even though she’s updated and synced her iPod, it’s not getting transferred onto her iPod. Any ideas why & how to fix it?

In iTunes, once the device is synced and showing as connected, click on the Book section of the Library. This will open to where your books have been stored. Drag and drop the books onto your device. I do not think books automatically sync the same way music does.

In iTunes click on your iPod in the DEVICES section, then click on the Books tab. You can choose whether or not to sync books, and whether to sync all books or just selected ones. The same options are available for audiobooks as well.

She sees it in the Library, drags & drops it into the iPod DEVICE, & then nothing seems to happen. What on Earth is happening?

It doesn’t work that way. You can do music and videos that way IF you check “Manually manage music and videos” in the Options section of the Summary tab. But for books, you have to go to the Books tab (Select your device and then click the “Books” at the top of the right-hand pane). Then make sure “Sync Books” is checked and choose either “All books” or “Selected books”

When she manually tries to sync that book into her Library, all the other books disappear. Now, that book worked fine as a PDF (except for the usual PDF problems but it did come up), now that it was converted to a MOBI, the iPod doesn’t seem to recognize it.

Are you using iBooks on the iPod? It doesn’t do MOBI. The Kindle app does, but they don’t automatically sync. To add books, you have to select the device, go to the Apps tab and scroll down to File Sharing. Select Kindle (or whatever other app you that supports MOBI) and drag the book into the right-hand pane labled “Kindle Documents”. Then when you click “Apply” it will sync the file to your iPod.

This is Apple’s idea of “intuitive”.

I am using iBooks on an iPhone, and the method I described above works fine for PDF files and EPUB files. I have never tried to use a MOBI file or the Kindle app.

You can upload .epub files in Dropbox, open them in iBooks & voilà. No cables, no itunes.

Have fun.

So here is what has happened in the last hour-

My friend transferred the book into epub, went onto iTunes, synched it into her iPod Touch, and the wheel kept spinning & would not sync all the way. After a half-hour, she unplugged it since it seemed to be frozen in the middle of synching. The circling arrow keys that show when it’s synching kept going & her iPod was frozen for a while & not responding. She finally was able to shut it down after several0 minutes of trying, but now when she turned it back on, only the Apple logo appeared & it didn’t do anything else. My friend went into full-blown shit-fest panic mode. However, after five minutes, it came back up & the book shows in the library shelf but it has the black bar indicating that it needs to be uploaded. When she clicks on it, however, it does not upload, nor can she open it. Why does it get us so near & then derail us again?

To be clear, she is using the most recent Calibre, the iTunes program & an iPod Touch. If she should be using another program, please clarify. Thanks! Sorry to be such trouble. I am kinda troubleshooting blind via phone with her.

How does this fit what she’s been doing? What is Dropbox? Thanks!

Do you mean drag & drop onto the Device in iTunes or Calibre?


Everyone disregard the rest! She’s got it working!

She posted this on her FB- "SPECIAL SPECIAL thanks to FriarTed and the geniuses at the Straight Dope Forum for their help in converting PDF files into book format and getting it from Calibre onto my iPod!

Man that was like an AWESOME birthday present! I FINALLY have the book I’ve been drooling for on my iPod. I’ve only wanted this for 3 months!"

So y’all have that! :slight_smile: