Calibre/Droid Issue

I am tired of having to rummage around in aldiko when I am reading an entire series [the damned honor harrington series has about a dozen books] so I downloaded them in RTF from my library at Baen, stitched them together in wordpad, and used calibre to convert to epub. I can read it on my computer, but can not seem to get my damned droid to recognize it when I transfer it to my ebook folder on my droid.

Any suggestions? Any ‘original format’ epub files on my computer that I drag into my droid when linked seems to work just fine, I suppose I could try popping it up on a file page and downloading it using the internet function on the droid [i have downloaded stuff off the baen site and the feedbook site and it works just fine]

Keep in mind what I know about computers can be summed up as ‘if i cant point and click or use a wizard, i cant do it’ and I feel that computer repair people are not using tools but sacrificing chickens in the back room and using voodoo to repair these damned things.

Calibre doesn’t properly do some things when creating ePub files. epubcheck will tell you what problems exist. If you need help fixing them, let us know. I can probably find time to take a look at your specific file if you e-mail me this weekend.