Where do downloaded Kindle cloud books save to? (and can I convert them to another format?)

I have Aldiko reader on my phone, and due to space issues I don’t really want to install the Kindle app too. I’ve downloaded the books I want from the cloud, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere on my machine (Windows 8 tablet).

What I want to do is find the damn files and convert them to epub so I can read them on my phone. Is this even possible? I’m about ready to swear off buying Kindle books for good; they cost not much less than the physical copy, I feel cheated by all this runaround.

I don’t know where downloaded ebooks are saved on a Win 8 tablet. Kindle ebooks are in .mobi format, so perhaps you can do a search for that sort of file. And you can do a google for a program called “calibre”. It’s free and it’s what I use to convert .mobi files into .epub files.

My Documents\My Kindle Content with mostly indecipherable names. I convert them with Calibre as soon as I download them so that I know which is which. They are** .azw** files not** .mobi** like the usual Kindle books.

Mind you for myself I use the Kindle app on my phone, tablet and PC so that I can sync all the books everywhere I read them. The app is only 30 odd meg.

The books are encrypted in a format you cannot normally extract. A calibre plugin exists that can rip your books free of the encryption, however, it isn’t legal and it may take some tech savvy to use. The plugin is called " DeDRM ".

Have you tried searching for mobi on your tablet?