California Karma!

Yes, you fool in the nifty Lexus who was too stupid to pay attention to the fact that there were both traffic control lines on the highway’s merging ramp and my nifty little compact vehicle to your left, that was I who was laughing myself silly and waving at you as you were on the side of the road (see below). At the time you did that, I thought you were just in a hurry and were totally unconcerned about the traffic in front of you, behind you, and (of immediate interest at the time to me, of course), to your left when you decided to heck with the Laws of Physics and attempted to drive through my vehicle. Luckily I was paying attention, something you really should consider (see below). When I honked my horn at the same time slowing down considerably, you got pissed and rolled your window down so you could ensure I saw you “flipping the bird.” That was my first clue that it wasn’t mere haste that fueled your actions, but rather sheer stupidity. Since I was paying attention to my surroundings, I noticed the next few stunts you pulled: cutting between cars that were barely more than one car’s width apart, passing on the shoulder, etc.
“Below” follows:

Well, not five minutes later, the rest of us in Westbound traffic on the bridge over the river continued to be Westbound. At least one of us, that would be I, enjoyed the fact that you were no longer Westbound seeing as your vehicle was parked in front of the California Highway Patrol vehicle–not one of those unmarked cars, but the one in full regalia–with its flashing lights on and the CHP officer directing you to get out of the vehicle. Lucky for you, you neither killed or hurt yourself nor anyone else on the road. Just in case you really didn’t learn anything from that experience, here’s a hint: Don’t do that stuff in front of a marked police vehicle! I think the cops tend to get a bit miffed when someone tries to run them off the road too.

You lucky bastard.
Every time I want to see a reckless driver get nabbed, it never comes to fruition. At least not when I’m around to see it. That’s just sweet reward.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s irresponsible and discourteous drivers. But, like scout, I rarely see them get their due.

I’ll echo scout1222 - what sweet justice.

Did you give him an extra honk as you drove by?

Apparently, my being a lucky bastard is nearly an annual event. Last August, I was driving Eastbound on the same highway. Actually, I was parked with the rest of the traffic on the highway–'twas one long traffic jam. Well, this brand-new SUV passed me on the right. I said to my passenger, “That’s interesting. We’re in the right-hand lane.” About 10 minutes later, the traffic starts moving. A few minutes after that, I passed the afore-mentioned brand-new SUV parked in front of a CHP vehicle also in full regalia. Turned out the CHP officer was in the same traffice jam and doing his job: observing his surroundings and ticketing the fool who decided to drive up the shoulder. In that instance, though, the fool pulled his stunt in a construction zone and during rush hour. Now, I know that traffic fines in California are doubled in “the cone zone.” I’ve no idea if they are during rush hour. Come to think of it, I never did find out what the fine is for what he did. I do know that if he thought it was to save time, it backfired.

Gaffer: I didn’t even honk once. Sorry. But I did wave–NOT a “one finger salute.” I certainly didn’t want the CHP officer to think I was flipping him off!

Yeah, you really don’t want to flip of the CHP.


This wouldn’t happen to be I-80 going into Sacto would it? If so, I feel your pain, I’ve spent many an hour fuming while watching idiots drive recklessly on that freeway.

There must be something with Lexus’s lately. On my drive yesterday I was on a two lane highway through the hills in a long line of cars, going roughly 30 in a 50. I assumed it was trucks, who drive frustratingly slow on inclines. I got to a point where I could see to the front of the line when I realized we were all being held up by that damn Lexus. The idot driver was holding up trucks. On hills. That’s how slow she was going. We must’ve passed about 20 turnouts, and did she use any of them? Of course not!

I was behind the bitch for a good 30 miles. Everywhere I was going to turn, she turned. I finally got an opprotunity to pass her when I was oh, 5 miles away from my destination :mad:

Then a few more minutes up the road I get stuck behind Ms. I-need-to-take-up-two-lanes-with-my-new-shiny-Lexus.

What is it with those cars?

Anyhoo, I’m very glad you got to see justice being served. I’m jealous.

I have to drive through a school zone that is in effect when I go to work and when I come home. For some reason, people slow down in the mornings, then tailgate like crazy when I do the limit on the way home. The local police had been staking out this school zone everyfreakinday for two weeks, and all the suburbanites were oh-so-good while the cops were there, then the day they’re gone, I get passed by someone doing at least double the limit in the school zone. That toasted by cookies, let me tell you.

(Just for the record, it doubly toasts my cookies that I obey all the school/playground zones, but I don’t have kids - I’m pretty sure that most of the dinks that speed past me in the zones actually do have kids.)

lezlers: The very same road it is.

featherlou: When I lived in Marina, the intersection by my aparment was visible for well over a mile from all three directions (there was a big ol’ tree blocking what should’ve been the 4th. Well, every single day around lunchtime, a city cop was posted there and he, of course, was completely visible. I suspect that particular intersection provided the bulk of the town’s income what with the morons who ran the stop sign there!

Ages ago, we were all in the family car, driving home one evening after grocery shopping. We were passed by a little sports car driving against traffic on our side of the divided highway. We keep driving and a few minutes later, there he goes again! This time he’s on the other side of the highway, driving against traffic again. Dad keeps driving and sure enough, there’s that pretty little sports car turned turtle in the big dirt divider, good and squashed. The thing that gets me is that the driver was standing alongside it just scratching his head, looking perfectly okay. That was the most intricately intertwined good and bad karma I’ve ever witnessed.