California Proposition 23

This stems from Rilchiam’s thread on voting for proposition in today’s CA primary. I didn’t want to hijack his thread (okay, actually I just wanted to pop my cherry and start my very own first thread), so I’m starting this one…

There is a proposition on today ballot in California to allow voters an offical “none of the above” option for major state and federal elections. CA Prop 23

I don’t live in Cali, so I have no official say; but I am a registered SDMB user, so I have an unofficial say, dammit! My first thought is that this is pretty cool, and I would like to see Americans offically express their discontent.

Some might see it as throwing away a vote, but I think taking the “lesser of two evils” approach to voting could also be considered throwing away a vote. I don’t know that this option would help in changing American politics (or politicians), but it would be fun to watch.

What does everyone else think?

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I don’t know. I think Americans are cynical enough about the electoral process without the state encouraging them.

I vote “no” on all propositions regardless of their merit. I don’t have the staff and research facilities that a legislator has to make an informed choice. The only information you get on these propositions are from people with a bias one way or the other. My state assemblyperson and senator get paid for making state laws, I don’t. It’s their job, let them do it.

BTW-Rilchiam is a woman.

From an informational standpoint, it certainly would be interesting to see how many voted “none of the above”. However, what happens to those votes? I assume they are truely thrown away. Then the winner is the one who has the most devoted followers, not the one who represents the feelings of the majority of voters.

“The large print givith, and the small print taketh away.”
Tom Waites, “Step Right Up”

I tend to agree with Ursa on the propositions – most of them are either giveaways for some big-money industry or thought up by people who wear tinfoil hats to bed to prevent them from the orbiting mind-control lasers.

One interesting site is’s Follow the Money page – you can see just who’s bankrolling what. It’s kind of scary, but most enlightening.

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Do they get rid of the government office if “none of the above” wins? That would be cool.

You have to be careful when voting no. Fer instance, a no on Prop 28 will repeal last year’s Prop 10, the $.50 tax on cigs. Or no on 30&31 will repeal a law already passed by the State Assembly and Senate.

It just seems like a waste of time to me. I voted “no” because you already have the option of leaving that vote blank, which gets the same result – no vote is cast for any of the candidates.

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I voted no also. I did leave some stuff blank, for a couple reasons. For one, I wasn’t familiar with the candidates in a couple sections (state senator and local Democratic committee) and for another, I’m moving from this area in a matter of weeks and didn’t think I should be making random decisions for a place that I won’t be a resident. What a silly proposition, just a goofy waste of my time.

I wonder how many people left that one blank.


“Don’t Do It.”