California Question for residents.

My wife and I are moving to California within the next two or three years. I was hopeing that maby you dopers that are in California or have lived there could give me some information on the state. We will be moving close to Napa.
What should we expect, what is it like, economy, people, city life, environment ect…
Just anything that a newcomer should know or expect when moving and living there.


How about:

There is a saying, that sums things up culturally a little: ‘In the east there is communication without intimacy, in the west there is intimacy without communication’ :slight_smile:

Some other Links
Napa County

City of Napa

Is it Napa county, city or nearby(like Vallejo which is something completely different)?

Well, California is a pretty big place, bigger than Great Britain for example. And just as Belfast and London are pretty different, so are (for example) Hollywood and Napa. So, I’d do some digging into the locality you’re moving to. Here’s the site of the city of Napa. My personal experience of Napa is really as a visitor; I’m from San Jose (and originally San Diego). Napa is a nice place, quiet, touristy, warm, friendly.


Greetings. Born and raised in Napa.

Consider it to be your standard small-town mentality, but approaching the problems of a mid-town sized area. Like any city, there are the good and bad places… but since its a tourist mecca, its a rather expensive place to live.

its a great place to live, great place to raise kids. Convenient locations to a lot of stuff.

Economy is fairly steady, following the dips and turns found in the US economy. However, since lots of the economy is tourist-based, and/or agricultural based, dips in those markets hit a touch harder than the rest of the place.

Overall – if you have wads of money, or are going to retire, you couldn’t ask for a nicer place to live. If you are raising kids, its a great educational area… but pricey.

Hope it helps.