Californication - Anyone still watching this?

This show has gotten so repetitive to the point that all I can say about it is that watching has started to seem like a whole lot of work just to see some nice boobies once an episode.

And I no longer buy Hank Moody at all. Brooding novelist who is just so damn irresistable that every woman he meets throws herself at him until he ends up a lonely, suicidal, homeless, substance-abusing jailbird.

Karen is possibly the most boring character in the history of television. I just don’t buy that Hank loves her, because she’d put anyone to sleep before they could develop any feelings for her.


I really liked the show back in season 1. I still watch it for the occasional entertaining chat by Moody. But it suffers from all the things you mention. Also the plotline with Becca is the worst and most boring in the shows history. I really don’t care about her and her guitar. Also, I don’t think it was that bad that he slept with the underage girl.

The first series was clever and interesting, even if it wasn’t nearly as raunchy as it was made out to be (the advertising and buzz here implied that it might reasonably be considered soft-core porn), but I rapidly lost interest during the second series and didn’t bother with the third.

What’s interesting is that although I don’t buy Hank Moody’s “situation” (a writer who has hot women throwing themselves at him for no reason) and find the character to be almost a caricature of the protaganists in the letters one sees in certain Men’s Magazines, the character of Don Draper (in Mad Men) is considerably more “Believable” despite being much the same thing in many ways (and considerably more “likeable”, for want of a better term), IMHO.

One of the thongs that bothers me is that Hank is essentially passive. He doesn’t exercise any agency at all but things keep happening to him anyway, as if he really is the centre of the universe.

I watched most of the first season, but it didn’t hook me enough to follow through.

I watched part of the second season, mainly because of Callum Keith Rennie. But yeah, the whole premise kinds floored me. Women throwing themselves at DD. That was pretty much it. I wonder if part of it was based on DD’s own experiences with women throwing themselves at him because he was a recognizable actor.

(Oh, and the side plot with his creepy editor becoming a porn actor? Too weird)


Any time I wonder “Anyone still watching this?” about any US show, I drop into my ex and she’s watching it :slight_smile:

Well, ya’ll just saved me some time. I just changed cable carriers and got HBO, Showtime, and Cinemas free for 3 months. I watched one episode and was hoping to see more but now I won’t bother. Thanks!

Another board I posted on accepted advertising from this show, but if we wanted to discuss it, it caused problems with the language filter. I watched an episode or two, but kept expecting alien implants to slither out of the titties.
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Can’t look away from the train wreck!

Prostitute says to Moody: You’re like me; you’re an outlaw

:rolleyes: This show is so far up its own ass. Moody’s no outlaw. He’s just a guy with an alcohol problem. And every woman he meets wants to have sex with him. The show is trying to set him ip as some kind of tragic hero, but there’s no tragedy here, because Hank doesn’t ever actually take action of any kind.