Call ahead to rob that bank bright boys. LOL

:cool: Be sure to call ahead so they can have that bag of money ready for quick pick up. Surprise! The bank called the cops so you didn’t have to wait to go to jail. Snerk!

When I came across this one, I just had to share it…

Some Dumbass Bankrobber called ahead, to have the money ready for the robbery.


Link with Video

another link

…have a laugh…

I already started this one yesterday. Call ahead to rob that bank bright boys. LOL You now have one post to it which is more than I got.

A few years ago a couple of guys tried to rob a gas station (I think), the clerks told the gunman the the boss was out and they can’t open the safe, so the gunman gave them his phone number and asked them to call when the boss was in.:smack::smack::smack:

“Hello, Fairfield Bank? This is Albert Bailey. I’d like one hundred thousand dollars to go, hold the dye packs. And I’d like fries with that.”

My fiance knows the Sgt mentioned in that article! His family is from Fairfield and his father was a judge there. He didn’t believe the story was legitimate when I read it to him until I named Sgt Perez as being quoted in the article.

Another pair of criminal geniuses strikes:

“I’ll be the guy in the ski mask and wearing a red carnation.”

How many threads do we need on this incident?

  1. Call ahead to rob that bank bright boys. LOL (this thread)
  2. ORganisation is everything, even Bankrobbery
  3. Bank Robbers Call Ahead: “Get The Money Ready”

Oh my… I kind of feel bad for them. :frowning:

Especially the one who was publicly named:

Maybe we should have called ahead and asked the Mods to get the thread-merging tool ready.



They didnt ask for an extra egg roll?

I’ve merged three threads about this, hopefully that’s most of them.