Call Center Telemarketers in PHOENIX AZ area- How much do you make?

We are trying to figure out what telemarketing/lead generation callers in the Phoenix area actually make. We’ve gathered salary reports from several paid databases but they are all over the map and I would really like feedback from the market. Ideally it would be interesting to hear from anyone who has either held or hired people for a call center position in Arizona. I’d love to know 1) their base salary or hourly wage and 2) the commission/incentive actually earned annually.
Particularly interested in those who are doing Lead Generation as opposed to customer service or actual sales.
Thanks so much - and please point me in the right direction if there is a proper board to post this question on.

jenlatta, please note this clause from the Registration Agreement:

Bolding mine. Since this appears to be a survey for your own project, and no permission was asked in advance, I am closing this.