Call me crazy, but I'm putting some money on Brett Rogers

Fedor is heavily favored for this fight – too heavily, I think. Rogers is a big, strong, athletic fighter, who hits like a truck. I don’t think a brawl will work out well for Fedor and I question whether he will be able to take it to the ground when he wants it there. Plus, Rogers’ confidence level should be very high at this point with his unbeaten streak and recent knockout of Arlovski.

The most similar opponent to Rogers that Fedor has faced that I can think of was Mark Hunt, and Fedor was in some bad spots in that fight.

I"m not saying Fedor shouldn’t be favored to win, but I think there is a fair chance that Rogers may pull off the upset.

He came close, closer than most.

I remember when he came out of his corner for the 2nd round still looking a bit fresh and moving and weaving with ease and still looking sharp with his punches I just KNEW he was going to beat Fedor. The second they got off the fence and he dropped his hands I KNEW the end was near (for Rodgers that is). He didn’t look that tired either, anymore than Fedor I guess. I assume it was just a result of inexperience or understimating Fedor’s ability at that point in the fight.

If you want a better bet, wait for Strikeforce to put on Fedor and Overeem. Overeem is a seasoned and dangerous fighter who will come ready to fight at a steady and busy pace for all 5 rounds. He probably won’t be as big as an underdog as Rodgers was (especially closer to the fight because you can gaurantee he’s going to be one of the best underdog bets of 2010 and every fight fan is going to jump on it), but he’ll still stand to make you a nice payday.

Yeah, he very nearly had that one. I think he was a bit in awe of the Fedor mystique in the beginning, as he looked a little tentative at points. But he was still winning until he made one mistake…

Oh, I’ve been waiting for the Overeem fight. As far as striking and grappling technique, I think he may be the best heavyweight out there. Destroys K-1 world champs and may have the best guillotine in the world (beat everyone at the European ADCC grappling championships with that one move). Plus he has a reputation of gassing and not fighting up to his potential that I suspect is due at least in part to his prior habit of cutting great amounts of weight and fighting at LHW. So, at heavyweight, I think he may be the one to end the Fedor dynasty.