MMA: Anyone watching Fedor Vs. Arlovski this weekend?

This is one of those fights that I’m excited for, but in a way almost hate to see happen. These are my two favorite heavyweights and two of my favorite fighters in any weightclass, and any league. I don’t want to see either of them lose. My wife likes both of them as well and I asked her who she wanted to win. She said Arlovski, because when all else is even, go for the underdog. I partially agreed, but said I also kind of like the mystique of having an invincible guy out there. I can’t decide.

Who do I think will win? Well, I’ve been saying for years, since back when Andrei was the UFC champion and people wanted to see this fight, that Arlovski is capable of winning. Whoever he lands flush on is going to sleep, Russian cyborgs included. The chances of that happening, though? Slim, IMO. Very slim. I think Fedor will close the distance and either trip Andrei or knock him down with strikes and armbar him. Round 1.

Every fight I’ve seen with Arlovski he’s looked very stiff and wooden. He doesn’t seem to be a very exciting fighter.

Which fights have you seen? He was absolutely MURDERING people in the UFC until the 2nd Tim Slyvia fight. He lost some confidence there and went on a boring streak for awhile, but he’s gained a lot of steam lately and his last few fights have been very exciting, IMO. Did you see the Ben Rothwell fight? I thought it was one of the most exciting fights I saw in 2008.

He was the first guy to ever stop Cabbage with strikes, the only guy to ever stop Matyushenko, and he knocked Paul Buentello out cold in 15 seconds. I can’t imagine that your perception of him being a not very exciting fighter is shared by anyone who’s seen more than a few of his fights. He’s one of the most exciting heavyweights in the world. I’m guessing you saw the 3rd Tim Sylvia fight or the Fabricio Werdum fight, or - god forbid - both. I admit those were awful.

Arlovski had a couple of fights right before he left UFC that weren’t really indicative of what he’s capable of. After he was TKO’d in his first rematch with Sylvia he started fighting much more conservatively for a while, probably afraid of getting the boot from UFC if he lost again. His next rematch with Sylvia was basically a boring boxing (which wasn’t entirely his fault, he had a leg injury). His fight with Fabricio Werdum was worse - it was so uneventful that the ref warned both fighters in the last round that he was going to deduct a point if they didn’t start doing some fighting, and Arlovski apologized to booing fans after he won a decision. If you see one of his bad fights Arlovski does look kind of wooden, but when he’s on top of his game he looks like a vicious attack dog. He’s kind of like of a heavyweight version of Uriah Faber: explosive, fast, energetic, fun to watch. When I saw him destroy Eilers and Buentello in the first round of back to back fights, I thought he was unbeatable.

I would love to see Arlovski knock out Fedor, it would be like watching Rocky take out Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago, but I think his chances are mighty, mighty slim. I probably have to miss the fight anyway, some friends from out of state I haven’t seen in a couple of years are meeting up in my old college town.

I have to sit this one out. I’m running low on funds right now and if I’d rather save what little I have for the GSP Penn fight. I will be following online though. I hope Arlovski wins. Every interview I’ve seen Fedor has been humble and seems like a nice guy I just hate the mystique that surrounds him. It’s like the SNL superfans skit. “Who would win in a fight Fedor or a tornado” “Da Fedor”. I saw that last Werdum fight that Arlovski fought in and it was pretty slow. I’m a newcomer to the sport, I was converted around the TUF season the had Matt Hamill so I haven’t gotten to see Arlovski at his best. I just wish he would drop the nickname, I hate it when people use the name or likeness of a pitbull in the ring.

Well. That was . . . not surprising. Arlovski’s hands looked good, but I disagree with the people saying, “Ooooh, if only he hadn’t gone for the flying knee.” No. It would’ve been something else if he hadn’t gone for the flying knee. That was a sign of awful, awful strategy. You don’t bring your Ben Rothwell gameplan to the best fighter on the planet. I do feel bad for Andrei, though. I still love the guy and would bet on him against any other heavyweight.

Unreal. Fedor is a machine.

Fedor is the most devastating striker I’ve ever seen. I almost get the feeling that he suckered Arlovski into coming in close by acting more hurt than he was because he absolutely unloaded on him.

So then…obviously Barnett will be up next, but after that? I’m not sure Affliction can provide a fight card that was more compelling than the one they had last night.

Holy crap, that’s a load off my chest. I was really worried, Fedor looked rather bleak until the finish, and Arlovski looked really confident. And Fedor finally got a proper KO.

The card was excellent even overlooking that fight. I was annoyed with Barnett for not going for the armbar when he had the mount. He’s usually quick enough that he should have had no problems locking it tight. Really enjoyed Vitor’s victory, though Lindland had me properly worried for a while.

I just hope there will be another Affliction event. Rumours have it they’re not making enough money, which would make me sad.

Wow two first round defeats of former UFC champs in a row. Sure makes the UFC heavyweight division seem weak. Might even shut Dana up for a day or two. What does Fedor gain by staying with Affliction? I’ve heard his heart is with Sambo and the UFC doesn’t want to let him do that. But if he got the same marketing blitz and hype that Anderson Silva has received he could become a very wealthy man just in sponsorships.

As a heads up the Faber and Pulver rematch is on VS tonight. I think the Faber dominated the last fight and Pulver appears on the downswing but it should be fun to watch.

He wasn’t hurt, and didn’t act hurt. Andrei pushed kicked him, which had the effect of . . . pushing him back (and the unfortunate - for Andrei - side effect of giving him time to assess the situation and cock that right hand.) It was a tae kwon do move for god’s sake. Really disappointed me.

It’s his nationalism. I think, or at least he thinks, not competing in sambo would be an insult to mother Russia, and certainly a personal insult to Putin. Though he didn’t win the world championships this year for the first time in several years, so maybe he’ll want a break. I understand where the UFC is coming from with wanting him exclusively, not just for competition reasons but in case he gets hurt or something, but at this point they’re just being bull-headed. Make an exception and let the guy compete in sambo. It’s worth the risk.

Maybe Arlovksi thought he was gonna try and shoot on him and went for the knee. Fedor did dip his head just as he threw that punch.

From mmaweekly:

Seems odd that Arlovski would get 5 times what Fedor got, unless there’s some tax dodging going on.

Arlovski was just trying to be showy, and said as much after the fight. Andrei didn’t throw the knee because Fedor dipped his head; Fedor dipped his head because he saw the knee coming.

Come to think of it, though, the combination of the “This is SPARTA” beard AND kick would’ve been pretty badass had it worked.

That was the rumor after the last Affliction show.

Oh my god, flying knee on the greatest fighter on the planet, this is gonna look SO GOOD on my highlight reel!

Wait, why am I suddenly travelling in the opposite direction?

Five more minutes, mom, GOSH!

HOLY SHIT! :eek:

Just watched this now. Make one mistake and man, that guy will punish you!

I agree with how uncomfortable it was seeing Matt Lindland’s condition; great to see him on his feet again afterwards…phew!

Yeah, Lindland’s KO actually bothered me. Not that I minded who won - I like Vitor - but I do not like seeing guys stiff and unresponsive. I really hope it didn’t do any permanent damage.

It still didn’t look good when they sat him up and he was weakly trying to fend off his helpers. It must definitely have been worrying to those around him.

As for Josh Barnett’s chances against Fedor - he may be a bigger guy, but Fedor has too much for him both on the floor and on their feet. IMO.

Josh is tenacious but I just can’t see him bringing anything that previous opponents haven’t brought to Fedor. I guess if he came in with just the right gameplan he could neutralize Fedor and hope the judges lean in his favor.