Call the Midwife; 2014 Christmas Special (open spoilers)

Heads up! PBS is airing Call the Midwife’s Christmas special at 8p tonight. Vanessa Redgrave (the voice of Old Jenny) will be making an onscreen appearance. Who else is watching?

I don’t usually cry while watching TV (or movies), but the entire scene with the man who works at the Christmas tree place comforting his girlfriend in the alleyway made me sob buckets. His words of not needing her to give her anything, but they’ll give each other what they have and thus be whole was just so amazingly touching.

And, of course, Nurse Miller was there and relayed those words to her feelings towards Christ, but where I usually half rolleyes at the perfect coincidences, I found it very powerful.

Very, very good Christmas Special!

This was the second episode I’ve ever scene and I was really moved. I think I need to start with series 1!