Calling all Brussels sprouts lovers!

I debated putting this in Cafe Society, but feared the mocking of those who shudder at the very idea of Brussels sprouts being considered cuisine. So allow me to share with you a recipe I whomped up tonight and ask you to offer your own inspirations for cooking this humble vegetable.

The ingredients: A large white onion, a pound of Brussels sprouts, some olive oil, and some turkey ham.

I cut up half of the onion into thin strips and sauteed them in a non-stick pan in a generous splash of olive oil. While they were softening I trimmed the sprouts and quartered them.

Adding the sprouts to the pan, I gave them a good mixing, covered the pan, turned the heat down low, and let them simmer, stirring every few minutes until they were beginning to soften.

The ham I sliced about a quarter-inch thick, then diced into roughly half-inch squares and stirred the ham into the sprouts. How much? Ehhhh… Roughly three-quarters as much ham as there was pieces of Brussels sprouts. We’re not talking precise measurements here, folks.

Anyway, I put the cover back on and let it simmer till the ham was hot, then served it, wondering whether it’d be another of my culinary Bright Ideas, or another Don’t Try This At Home Kids flop.

It was good. It was very good. The leftovers are safely tucked away for lunch tomorrow. I’ll be making it again.


I love 'em too. Cooked them for my family this Christmas, parboiled then fried in full-fat butter with lardons - utilising the Gordon Ramsey advice not to cut the bottoms when boiling/steaming as this makes them soggy.

Going to try your recipe - not sure about the turkey ham, though (why not real ham?) - the next time my wife is a long long way away.

That sounds really, really nice ETF. It also sounds like it’d be good with some crispy fried bacon instead of the turkey ham…

Damn my sprout-hating hubby.

ohh, that sounds good!

Why not real ham? No reason other than that was what I happened to have on hand. I’ll probably try it with ham-ham next time (well, after I use up the little turkey ham, still got half of it left).

Bacon would be very very good, too, you bet. In fact, it was knowing just how good bacon is with sprouts that suggested to me ham might work as well.

I also liked the fact I could cut up the veggies while waiting for my coffee water to heat up, let the veggies simmer while I did other stuff, then sit down to a yummy meal without having to spend much time actually working on it.

Now if I could just get the cats to do the dishes…

Sierra Indigo, sounds like your hubby and I should wifeswap so you and I can indulge in some Hot Sprout Action.

That does sound very yummy – we’ll have to try that sometime. We like Brussels sprouts so much that I decided to try growing a few stalks in my garden this year. I started from seed, so they’re still very small (nowhere near growing any actual sprouts yet), and I’m really looking forward to being able to just run down to the garden and grab a couple handsful for dinner.

Brussel Sprouts are one of my favorite veggies. I wish I ate them more often. Hubby doesn’t dislike them, but they aren’t something he thinks to cook. And since I don’t think to cook…

runs to check the freezer

Uuuummmm!! Sounds great!

I love Brussels Sprouts! Though I usually just steam them and put butter on them
and maybe a sprinkle of fresh Parmigiana-Reggiano (the cheese of the Gods)!

I’ll have to give that a try!

Almost any veggie simmered in EVOO is good, especially with onions …
uumm … onions fried just until the start to brown and the sugars in them caramelize

Past few months I’ve been eating brussel sprouts at least three times a week. I’ll cut up some meat in pan, cut the sprouts in half, and throw them into the pan too. Sometime I add olive oil, other times a can of diced tomatoes. Usually a lot of garlic.

Somebody write down these names, so when the Revolution comes and we rid the world of “Sprout-Lovers” and their ilk, we know where to start.

There is a reason “Belgium” is an epithet, and Brussel sprouts are it!


My mouth is watering now. It’s not just watering - it’s watering OFF. Right off.

I have loved these things since I was a kid! I’m simple. Boil them and put a bit of butter and salt on them. Oh man.

So tasty.

Your recipe would not work for me as I hate onions with a burning passion, but brussels sprouts are yummy!

And there you have the reason I kept this out of Cafe Society. :wink:
rinni, I bet this recipe would work just fine without the onions.

You’re probably right! But I wouldn’t have thought of that.

I’m one of those cooking failures who panics when an ingredient is missing because I don’t know what to do at that point. Or I attempt a substitution and substitute something that is completely out of place and doesn’t work. I get that from my mom. She’d probably substitute onions for chocolate chips in cookies. :wink:

I’ve always liked them (I even grew them one year) but we got back to loving them when we had a yummy Brussels Sprout salad at an upscale pizza place in Santa Row in San Jose. Now my wife cooks them by cutting them in half, and stir frying with olive oil, chopped bacon and onions. She may parboil the sprouts first. Delightful - bacon and sprouts just go together perfectly.

It immediately makes me think of an excellent stir-fry.

A little oil in the wok, flash the Ham until nicely browned and remove from the pan, add the brussels sprouts with a couple of cloves of garlic, and a teaspoon of sugar. Carmelize the sprouts and stir fry a bit longer. Return the Ham. Pour in about 3/4 cup of chicken stock, cover the wok and let at a high simmer for 5 minutes. Finally, add about a quarter cup of oyster sauce, and some soy. Thicken with a couple tablespoons of a cornstarch slurry. Serve over rice.

I usually just cook them in garlic butter but I have only ever had frozen ones. Everytime I think about trying fresh sprouts all I can ever find are these humoungous things that are somewhere between a cabbage and a brussels sprout and they scare me.

Brussle sprouts are The Stuff. Ever have them with little bits of bacon, or with gooey melted cheese? Mmmmmm

Little bits of bacon and/or gooey melted cheese make lots of stuff YUM. :smiley:

I like to cook them with polish sausage, potatos, onions (sorry rinni!) in butter and garlic, just like cabbage in the same dish. I also put them in a pot roast now and then, I love the nasty little buggers.