Shredded Brussels Sprouts

Last week sometime I saw a recipe that looked good, but which called for shredded Brussels sprouts. I didn’t save the recipe because I thought shredding Brussels sprouts sounded like too much work.

Fast forward to yesterday at Wegmans where I found shredded Brussels sprouts and bought some.

Only now not only can I not find the recipe that looked good, I can’t remember anything about it. Other ingredients? No idea. Side? Main dish? Who knows?

I am the owner of shredded Brussels sprouts with no idea what to use them for.

What would you do?

Saute some chopped pancetta (or bacon). Remove to a paper towel reserving some of the fat in the pan. Add in the shredded brussels sprouts. Saute on med/high until slightly browned and crispy on the edges. Season with salt and pepper. Add some pepper flakes if you like a little heat. Add a table spoon or two of maple syrup at the end. Serve with reserved pancetta/bacon on top.

I would use them any way I would use shredded cabbage. Cole slaw would be one possibility, and I’m pretty sure I have had Brussels sprouts slaw before.

I like both those ideas, though I have always failed miserably at cole slaw. Like to eat it, can’t make it to save my life. It’s usually edible but not pleasant.

And I have speck at the moment but not pancetta. Perhaps a little olive oil with the speck.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I suspect they would also work well in a potato pancake/rösti/hash browns kind of thing.

I’m on my fourth bag o’ shredded sprouts and I make them like QuickSilver does in post #2. I use soy bacon, and add a dab of balsamic vinegar in place of the syrup. You can also put shreds on a baking sheet, mist with oil, and roast at about 400 til they are brown and crispy.

Hmmm… speck, like prociutto, can be tricky when you try to cook it.

If you want it crispy, just toast it without adding oil to it. But be very carefull as it can go from toasty to charred very fast. Take it out well before you would a rasher of bacon.

I would saute the sprouts in olive oil as I suggested earlier and just slice the spec into thin strips and serve it mixed into the warm cooked sprouts as they are (without toasting it).

Was it this? I made it a couple of times and it was quite good, but shredding the sprouts was a bit of a pain. I didn’t know you could buy pre-shredded.

+1 to both ideas.

And some grey salt at the end for that touch of salty crunch.

Try looking on their website for a recipe. If they are featuring something prominently, there’s usually a recipe to use it. In fact, I just googled “Wegmans shaved brussels sprouts recipe” and I got plenty of information.

I shredded some awhile back, and tossed them into a bit of homemade tomato sauce, with some roasted garlic, and caramelized onions. I let the entire thing simmer for a bit, and it turned out to be delicious!

I now think I need 4 or 5 packages of shredded sprouts!

pulykamell’s rosti comment rang a bell - it might have been a shredded sprout hash recipe I saw. Topped with an egg.

Vinyl Turnip - I found that recipe last night on my fruitless quest for the recipe I had seen. It does look good, thanks for pointing me to it.

salinqmind - terrific idea to check the Wegmans site!

I do something like that with kale or chard, and serve it over pasta. Helps us eat more sauce and less pasta. :slight_smile:

Yeah you need a bit of acid in there. Balsamic sounds good or you could just use white vinegar and a big pinch of sugar.

I use this recipe all the time: Cannellini Beans with Shredded Brussels Sprouts and Sausage.

I actually didn’t know you can buy pre-shredded brussels sprouts. I always just cut them in half and put them in the food processor. A few pulses and they’re good to go.

Is shredding them really that easy? I wasn’t really sure how to accomplish it. Huh.

Roast it until crispy on the edges, add a very small amount of whole grain mustard, olive oil and lemon juice, then top with a poached or over easy egg.