Calling All Comic Experts, Particularly Artist Experts

I have a two part question, one part is strictly factual and the other is opinion-based.

The first one is who did the art for this picture and what comic, if any, is it in?

The second question(s) is, in your opinion, is this “good” graphic art? I know it’s purely subjective and a matter of taste but I’m interested in opinions. Clearly, this is more visceral and realistic take on the character. Is this a particular style? Are there artists that specialize in this type of comic animation? What are the other styles? Which is the best suited to which comic style? Who is your favorite artist that renders Venom or someone else?

It’s by a 3d artist (not a comic book artist) Andre Holzmeister.

And that’d be lousy for comic book art - it’s impressively dynamic for a 3d rendered still, but it’s well into the uncanny valley - very plasticky textures to his skin and tongue - lacks a background, looks like it probably took forever to render…

Thanks for the info. Interesting idea about the uncanny valley, I’ve never heard about it but it makes perfect sense.

Yeah, but what about Alex Ross? I like his comic-book covers better than I like a whole story-length feature with his art, but (a) I still like his covers just fine, and (b) the stories he’s illustrated are, still, pretty good for all that.

He’d probably draw a Venom not too far off from this guy’s…

Ross isn’t in the Uncanny Valley - his paintings look like paintings, completely unreal, not ‘not quite real’.

His problem is his art is static as hell. (Which is to be expected since it’s mostly based on posed photographs.)

Alex Ross’ Venom from Universe X. Not quite canon, as Universe X is an out-of-continuity run.

To the OP: I’m not much of a Spider-Man guy. My favorite artist is Darwyn Cooke, who specializes in a much more cartoon-y retro style. His images really echo the Silver Age of comics. Your library may have a copy of DC: The New Frontier available - it’s a fantastic take on the origins of the Justice League. Here’sa great cover he did for Comic Book Artist that show a ton of characters he’s worked on.