Calling All Geeks!! (PC Builders, Modders, etc.)

OK, so I’m getting a tasty little tax refund soon and, lacking a wife to tell me to stop buying so much computer crap, I’m thinking of buying more computer crap. In fact, after having browsed through a number of PC Mod sites, I’m thinking of getting creative and making my own PC case out of an old wooden toolbox I’ve been wondering what to do with. This would be handy to place by the TV as a multimedia PC as I think it will look quite a bit more attractive than a standard beige PC box, especially once I’ve re-finished it and installed some shiny new brass hardware.

So, I’m hoping that my fellow dopers can help me out with some online sources for less common parts like cdrom/hard drive brackets, LEDs, LCD displays, power buttons, etc. Most of the sites I’ve found so far have a fixation on cathode light strips and biohazard fan grills, but I’d rather not have a radioactive cube glowering at me from beside the entertainment unit.

Any other tips and tricks would also be welcome. I’ve built a couple of computers before in standard ATX cases so I’m not going into this a total newbie but this will be the first time I’ve approached such a project totally from scratch.

I wonder whether a good source for some of the bracketry you’ll need would be an old (or new? they’re not expensive) case as a donor. Just a thought…

I think you should be able to use almost anything. But, I think, the important thing to do is to ensure that everything is connected to the ground. So that means using bracketry from a donor, but ensuring that all metal in the case is connected to the ground. In a normal, metal, case you have that by default, in a wooden case you don’t.

Good luck is a good source for pretty much everything, though I’d just cannibalize your old case for most things.

If you want to stuff a computer into odd shaped cases, then this is the motherboard for you, the mini-itx. Check out their projects page.


Here are some links which might prove useful to you Hodge…

you have to go to envador’s site… (especially for fans and cables) (parts section)

this is just one of the coolest surplus sites anywhere, done with humor…

Thanks for the replys. I’d actually considered cannibalizing an old AT case that I have lying around but I’d still like to track down a source for some nifty power buttons or LEDs. Sadly, doesn’t ship outside the US.

Belrix, your mini-itx link was actually the page that inspired this project. Very cool stuff.

romare, your links are also pretty cool. Especially that surplus site. I’ve already found a half-dozen items I’d love to blow some money on. None of them computer related, though.

I’m sorry, did you say you didn’t want a big glowing box? :smiley:

For something “different” checkout mini-itx .

Computers in clocks, shoeboxes, humidors, kegs and more. Not good for gaming but make great media boxes if they are dedicated.

I know, I know… ** READ THE DAMN POST ** sells lots of modder stuff, but they’re generally for regular cases.
and sells lots of odds and ends for people who just want to build random electronic gizmos. Sadly the only thing i ever bought from them were some fans.

the mini-itx site was great. Commodore 64 @ 933!