Gob Smacking PC Mod

Okay, this isn’t just simply some guy who cut some holes in a case, stuck a bunch of lights in it, and called it a mod. Heck, it’s not even a sheet metal case that he built from scratch. Nope, this is hard core. He’s using really sophisticated stuff to make the case. The gear he’s using is way newer than anything we had at Amalgamated Moron Manufacturing or at school. And check his water cooling set up! I’m drooling here!

Wow. That is serious modding. It’s not even modding really, it’s creating.

My favourite (it still cracks me up) is this mod.

Well, if you are cheap, you can always go with Teh Box!!1 as a case “mod”.

Or for a more freaky box, how about The Case That Must Not Be Named.

Oh, my word. That thing is gorgeous. I am so lusting after it.

Someday, I’m going to win a lottery and be able to afford hiring people to build stuff like that for me.*

*Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Duuuude. I’m on page 20, and the level of workmanship there is amazing. Must weigh a ton, too.


That IS darned amazing, but I like PC enclosures that go beyond “the box.” In the back of this month’s Maximum PC magazine, a dude built a model of Bender, the robot character from Futurama, and stuck his motherboard in it. CDs and DVDs go in through his teeth to the optical drive in his head! That’s what I call a case mod.

Well shit. I never knew before today that I was going to have to buy a CNC machine. Now I know. I need one.