Calling all photographers...

What fields may need photographers? Besides journalism, or working in a portrait studio. A friend of mine works as one for an architectural firm…is this uncommon, or is this in demand? Where else might there be a need? What about in combination with anything in the medical field - maybe in labs/research? Or, maybe field studies of any kind - such as environmental?

What is the best way(s) to explore and/or seek out such opps?
Any advice, thoughts, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jinx

I make extra money (I am a small-town newspaper editor which calls for a lot of photojournalism) shooting crime scene photos, insurance pics and real estate pics. In addition many of the seniors at the local high schools approached me to do their senior pics. This is in addition to being approached by couples getting married.

In small towns everybody wears a bunch of different hats.

I was once looking into a job with a huge engineering firm who was looking for an industrial photographer. The steady 9-5 jobs do exists out there, but I think the reason they seem so hard to find is that they are few and far between and advetised sporadically.

I’d recommend looking at trade magazines. They seem to have the best collection out there when it comes to job related ads.

One of my old photography teachers was a medical photographer for UCLA Medical/Hospital. That was his day job and taught in the evenings.

Usually the best way to find out about these types of jobs is through networking. The openings don’t usually last long. Try and find an apprentiship with some type of commercial/industrial photographer and meet everybody that you can.