I am just starting out with photography and would like to sell some of my work but do not know where to start.Does anyone have any suggestions?:confused:

I don’t, but I’m interested in the answer. Bump.

Depends on what you’re shooting. Newspapers will sometimes buy pictures of local sporting events, especially if they weren’t able to send one of their own guys to the game.

Maybe good for some background…

At Photographer’s Market, we try to help photographers succeed. In the 2008 edition, we offer over 1,400 market listings categorized by section. We also provide sections on photo representatives, workshops and portfolio reviews. In the 2008 edition we’ve added information about the portrait and wedding photography business.

If it’s like the Writer’s Market, it will have stuff about contests as well.

ETA @Oakminster: I knew of one guy who said you can make some money just by being in the right spot at the right time. E.g. you’re driving down the road and there’s an accident. Take the pictures because by the time a reporter arrives, maybe it’s already cleaned up, the ambulances have left, etc.

Microstock photography

Here is a blog post from Lifehacker on how to make background income from selling stock work.