Calling Aussie Dopers

Can anyone please tell me which intruder got kicked out of big brother tonight?

Damn home pc can’t get the website open and it wont admit google exists.

Related yet unrelated info - I missed the show because a g/f who works in one of the Melbourne Dept stores rang to tell me they had a jumper right outside her office window. I got to hear all about her day and how the person who was threatening to off themselves ruined it. But she didn’t know if the jumper was gotten down safely or not (as at 6.30pm, EST Aust).

No, I was at work, and even if I WASN’T, I wouldn’t have been watching it.

Hope that helps leechbabe!

kambuckta you can not shame me.

But I do want to know that the jumper didn’t jump.

Well, I’m not telling you :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought we agreed that people would keep their nasty reality TV preferences in the closet (or at least confined to a single thread on G’Dope).

I wouldn’t have a clue about which intruder got booted, who one Survivor, who died in the Home and Away “Event”, or how the season finale of McLeod’s Daughters ended.

TV advertisers hate.

But, I can be bought or persuaded, Leechbabe :wink:

How bad do you want to know ? :smiley:

Oh, o.k… but only because you’re such a cute stalker :slight_smile:

It was Nicole who got kicked off, I just checked the website for you. I was going to keep you hanging a little longer, but I want to go to bed… hope you can sleep now honey :slight_smile:

White Chocolate Chip and Macadamia Cookie Bad

Thanks Goo for that I shall endevour to make cookies for you.

Note to self - don’t put the laxatives in this lot, we like Goo.