Calling Chicago Dopers - the Swahili Institute?

Hi Dopers!

I’ve been looking online for a place in the Chicago area to continue my studying of Kiswahili/Swahili during the summer (when I will be home from college and living, sadly, with the folks). None of the local universities or colleges offer courses in the summer, but I did find several online mentions of a place called “The Swahili Institute,” in Chicago.

Unfortunately, none of the mentions includes a website, address, or phone number, and Information (the phone) couldnt find it either.

Are there any Dopers out there who know of this Swahili Institute, and if so, how I could get in touch with them?



Sneeze - they have a link on this page where you are supposed to be able to find classes and stuff based on your location - maybe they can help you out. I tried going to the link but the work netnannies said “nope.” There’s also a bulletin board - maybe someone there knows? - maybe someone here could tell you more too - I mean, they would have a like language department, right?

I know it’s of no help, probably, but I couldn’t find anything else. :frowning:

Sneeze, sorry to bug you again - try this link too - they list some resources that might also be able to give you a point in the right direction.