Learn to Speak Polish in Chicago?

Does anybody know if there are places for an adult to learn to speak and read Polish in the Chicago area?

Thanks in advance.

To the question “Is there any place?” then , certainly yes.

Its often said that Chicago has the largest Polish population outside Warsaw.

As you’re in Glenview, I’ve seen ‘Learn to speak Polish’ signs at Oakton Community College.

The City Colleges have Polish classes. At least the one I take classes at from time to time does. (Wright College at Montrose & Narragansett.) If you live in Chicago, tuition is pretty cheap.

Good ideas - thank you!

Check the Catholic churches in your area for Polish Language Masses.
Then, hire a tutor, based on the priest’s recommendation.

You’ll learn faster, & maybe end up helping somebody who really needs the cash.

The University of Illinois at Chicago offers a bachelor’s degree in Polish in the Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures.