Chicago Polonia

Strangely, given the Chicago Polish population, I have been having a lot of trouble finding ideas on this:

I have a friend coming into town next weekend. Over the ages, we’ve joked about my being Polish and how many of us there are in the Chicagoland area so now that she’s hitting town, she wants to see some Polish stuff. It’s easy enough to find restaurants but she’s interested in seeing all the pretty things: glasswork, ceramics, woodwork, dolls, what-have-you. We’ve already looked over the website for the Polish Museum of America and were less than enthused with what they have as their current exhibits and I suggested maybe the best bet was to find some shops, etc and just window shop (and perhaps wallet shop).

This is where I come into trouble. I’ve never had cause to look for this stuff before and have no idea where to go or if my idea is even feasible. Anyone have any ideas? I’m an admitted suburbanite and she’s well aware that I’m on the hunt (as opposed to just knowing) for places/things but she’s interested in it as something she can’t see back home so I’d like to come up with something worth our while.