Polish classes in Washington, DC?

Hi, all - could anyone recommend someplace with good Polish classes in Washington, DC? I don’t care about academic credit, so I’d be fine with going to “Bob’s Language Hut” if they have solid instruction - but I would prefer going someplace that I know has a solid reputation before I plunked down my cash.

The first place I’d approach is the Polish embassy in D.C. I don’t see that they actually conduct classes there on site, but I’d bet they’d know who does. Maybe an employee there could do some language work with you informally?

EDIT: Stop the press – the Polish embassy does allow a Polish-language school to operate on premises. It’s $450 a semester … they finished their spring session in May. Guess you have to call for more info.

Thanks, Bordelond! I’d seen that page, but hadn’t noticed they operate in the Polish consulate. They must run a decent program.


I teach all level Polish at the Washington office of the Kosciuszko Foundation on O street.
Please check: www.learnpolishdc.com

Summer Session starts on June 18th.

Basia Bernhardt